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W.A.G.-Werewolf Accountabillibuddy Group

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Welcome to W.A.G, the Wolf/Werewolf Accountabillibuddy Group!

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With my own challenge this time being werewolf-themed, I noticed that I'm not the only one around here who loves wolves and werewolves. There's quite a few of you raging, full moon-loving beasties out there too! So, in order to keep all us lupine lovers on track with our individual challenges, I propose W.A.G., the Wolf/Werewolf Accountabillibuddy Group. Join if you want help and encouragement on your challenge. Or if you just love all-things wolf and werewolf!


1. Follow this thread and other members' threads by clicking the red 'follow this topic' button at the top right of your screen.
2. Post a short introduction about yourself, what your challenge is all about and why you love wolves and/or werewolves.

3. Link us to your challenge so we can follow you. I will then add your name and challenge link to our list below.

4. Feel free to discuss anything and everything wolf or werewolf-related!

 (Favorite werewolf movie, your favorite literary werewolf, good werewolf music to workout to, etc.)


1. elinox = Werewolf Workout: Part 2








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