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JupiterStar vs. the Forces of Evil


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Hey guys! I'm back!


After some work shake-ups, health issues, a great summer, some family concerns, and a typhoon last night that meant we had to evacuate in the middle of the night and also were without electricity most of yestreday, I'm back to get things moving again! I haven't stopped trying to be healthy, but now I need to get really focused and revving again so I can power through the winter. With that in mind...


How to Defeat the Forces of Evil (...or pre-JLPT stress, NaNo-ML stress, and Japanese winter suckiness)

Step One: Gonna Get a Little Weird, Gonna Have a Good Time

  • What: Attend aerial lyra class at least once per week (Monday-Sunday)
  • Why: Because I've gotten into the habit of only going when I have the time and in November I simply WON'T have the time, ever, and I don't want to stop getting in regular workouts, so...let's do the thing! Also, it'll help me stay in the habit in December and beyond, when it gets really cold out and I don't want to have to make the trek to the studio.
  • When: There are classes every Tuesday at 7:15pm and Sundays at 1:00pm, plus on Thursdays at 12:45pm. Now, during this challenge I have Japanese class until 12:30pm on Thursdays and I'm hosting write-ins on Sundays from 2:00pm on, which makes those unlikely, but Tuesday nights are always okay, and hopefully if I miss Tuesday, I can either come late on Thursday or reschedule a write-in for 3:00pm instead. Just so long as I don't do it too often.
    Teal deer, Tuesday nights, with make-ups on Sunday afternoons or Thursdays at lunch!
  • How: Schedule it! And, you know, just DO IT. Maybe make purplebug come with me to take photos or something.
  • Grades: A=I did it every week, maybe even more than once! B=I missed one week. C=I missed two weeks. D=I missed three weeks. F=Didn't attend at all.


Step Two: I'm Talkin' Rainbows


  • What: Get in a fruit or veggie serving with every meal
  • Why: Fresh produce in Japan is SUPER expensive, and now that summer is past but winter isn't here yet, and also with smaller crops due to major typhoons this year, even the seasonal fruit and veg are nuts...and non-seasonal stuff costs more than meat right now! I'm careful about calories and macros, but I've noticed my produce intake is getting lower again, so I want to get back on track and keep my immune system boosted!
  • When: Every single meal, every day (even if I eat out)
  • How: Meal planning, and also making sure when I eat out, I don't succumb to the temptation of the newly-opened Wendy's or things like that
  • Grades: A=Succeded for more than 90% of my meals. B=More than 80% C=More than 70%. D=More than 60%. F=Less than 60%.


Step Three: I Think Earth is a Pretty Great Place


  • What: Bike, walk, or rollerblade every day; and no taxis for the month!
  • Why: Because it's getting cold out but not necessarily rainy or snowy, and it will get me outside, save me money (taking the bus to the train station adds 120 per day, and taxis? Yeah...), keeps me moving, and it's faster most of the time anyway. Also, even when it rains, making myself walk will accomplish everything but the speed thing, and honestly, it's like 15 minutes more, that's not much.
  • When: Every single weekday. (Weekends will be allowed off because with NaNo stuff in tow, I can't risk getting wet; the taxi thing still holds true though!)
  • How: Every weekday, ride my bike or bus-and-walk to work/class, and every weekend, bike or rollerblade to get groceries or catch the train to write-ins if the weather is nice enough. If I have no plans (...this will never happen, MLing is basically a job), go out for a walk or skate along the river!
  • Grades: A=20+ weekdays of outdoor exercise, and 0-1 taxis taken. B=15-19 weekdays outdoors, and/or 2 taxi taken . D=10-14 weekdays outdoors, and/or 3 taxis taken. F=Less than 10 weekdays outdoors, and/or 4+ taxis taken.


Step Four: She Will Keep the Lights On


  • What: Read or listen to a podcast in low lights to help with better sleep
  • Why: Because NaNo and studying are already eating my soul and messing with my ability to fall asleep, and I need to get enough sleep to get through til the JLPT with my health and sanity intact! This will help me shut down my brain and relax before bed.
  • When: Every night. Every single night.
  • How: I'll set an alarm to head to bed no later than 10pm every night; then I'll set my phone to charge in the other room; and then I'll settle in to relax!
  • Grades: A=Succeded for more than 90% of my nights. B=More than 80% C=More than 70%. D=More than 60%. F=Less than 60%.


Here we go! I gave myself yesterday off because of the typhoon but from today on, let's do it!

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Welcome back!!!!!! I hope work shake-ups and other life drama weren't too bad, and I'm glad to hear you made it through the typhoon relatively unscathed. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now, but you can totally do it! As always, I love your goals and your attitude. Magical girl transformation sequence, GO! 



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Thanks, @Wobbegong! (Also, I NEED YOUR GIF-ING ABILITIES!) I'll do my best, even if I end up with a whole apartment full of laser eye puppies and flaming rainbows!


Day Two (because I forgot yesterday)
Step 1 (aerials): N/A

Step 2 (veggies/fruits): Had spinach with breakfast, a banana with lunch, and pumpkin risotto with other veggies as well!
Step 3 (commute): Didn't get a chance to commute today but we did walk to and from the vet office with the poor sick birdie, so that counts?
Step 4 (sleep routine): I've got a lovely cold, and it sucks, so I get to relax with eucalyptus oils while I make purplebug read to me? ;)



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28 minutes ago, PixiePrincessPea said:

Pumpkin risotto sounds amazing. How did you prepare your spinach for breakfast? I am looking for more ways to add veggies to breakfast.

This time, I had 1/3 cup of rice and mixed in a cup of spinach (which I wilted), some fat-free margarine, and a soft-boiled egg, all mixed together. 161 calories, very filling, good mix of nutrients (though usually I use brown rice, but we were out after the typhoon), it's one of my faves! 


I also use a lot of homemade creamed spinach for things like breakfast quesadillas, and use wilted spinach in breakfast sandwiches where I mix it with the egg in a scramble. Plus omelets or frittatas and things like that. If you aren't into eggs, I also like this savory oatmeal topped with fresh or steamed chopped veggies!

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Whew, delayed, but here's the results for Week One!


Step One: Attend aerial lyra class once a week

Grade: Pass...basically, Tuesday was not an option due to work, nor was Thursday, so I RSVPd for Sunday's class...and we got ANOTHER TYPHOON. That's two typhoons in exactly one week. I couldn't do Tuesday because we had to make up work from missing Monday due to the first typhoon, and then a new one kills my make-up chance? Ugh. But it couldn't be helped, the trains shut down and the circus closed for the day, so I'm just not marking this week for the overall challenge. 


Step Two: Get in fruits and veggies with every meal

Grade: A; I got in at least one serving with every single meal all week (especially since I didn't eat out at all!). That's 21/21 meals, 100% so far!


Step Three: Bike, walk, or rollerblade every day, and no taxis

Grade: A; I biked or walked my commutes Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, plus I biked to the doctor on Wednesday while I was sick and to get some groceries for lunch, I made a point to go out and walk for 30 minutes on Saturday in between chores and work prep, and on Friday we added a good hour of walking at Unviversal Studios Japan, being chased by zombies and going through the Deadman's Forest maze (I love living so close to that place, it rocks!). Also, no taxis!!! But...I didn't get out on Sunday. Because typhoon. I should have at least gone out with purple_bug to get groceries but I HATE rain. So not a perfect score, but so far 6/7 days I did what I was supposed to, and 0 taxis!


Step Four: Read or listen to a podcast in low lights to help with better sleep

Grade: A; managed to do this every night! 7/7, 100% so far :)



Now, on to the start of week two!


Gonna get a little weird, gonna have a good time...

So, I've RSVPd for aerials tomorrow. I have no plans (not even USJ temptation because I am NOT braving the Halloween crowds at night!), dinner is premade...so fingers crossed everything goes well?


I'm talking rainbows...

This one is going to get trickier starting this week. With NaNoWriMo starting up in less than 28 hours, I'm not going to have as much time for meal planning and prep, even with help. But I spent last week building up a leftover buffer and this week will be the same. 


So far, for today, I've had:

Breakfast: Baked oatmeal made with applesauce, bananas, and unsweetened raisins, plus 1/2 banana on top

Lunch: Chicken and vegetable rice casserole, with carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower

Dinner: Honey soy chicken with rice and 1 cup of broccoli on the side


Fingers crossed I can keep this up and get enough leftovers with produce in them that I can just plan 3-4 meals a week the rest of the month and still meet my goals!


I think Earth is a pretty great place...

Today was not so great for this one...the weather was nice enough post-typhoon but the winds were high and it felt FREEZING. So I was lazy and instead of biking to the train station, I took the bus. But, I did still walk the 15 minutes to work from the train station each way, and took the bus home instead of catching a taxi, so I'll still count it. Minimum effort, but it happened, and tomorrow will be better!


She will keep the lights on...

In theory, this will happen tonight. I got some new oil for my little burner, lavender, so I'll see if that helps me relax faster, and I'm going to restart The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air since it makes me so much less anxious or excited than other podcasts we listen to. Laughing a whole lot or getting vaguely creeped out is not conducive to me shutting down my brain at night, but apparently singing saws, cricket stories translated into English, and janitors working on a radio show at the top of the Eiffel Tower are?


I hope everyone else is staying on track, too!

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Week 2, Day 2

Goal 1: Aerials attended this week, 1/1! Yay! :)


Goal 2: Breakfast included spinach, lunch included bananas, and dinner included broccoli! Could have been better, but I got in something, right?


Goal 3: I biked to the train station to get to class (plus the walk from the station to the school), and also added a bit to my usual walk to aerials by detouring to buy a new kettle for our kitchen when the old one abruptly stopped turning off and starting smelling of ozone. That's $30 we weren't expecting to spend this week, but an extra 10 minutes of walking and a bigger kettle now!


Goal 4: This one didn't really happen due to NaNoWriMo kick-off and me being the only Eastern-based ML who could actually kick off anything on the NaNoWordSprints Twitter (everyone else was in the US or Europe and not actually starting NaNo yet). So I was up til 1am and then had to try to get to sleep without waking up purple_bug, so...yeah, didn't happen.


Week 2, Day 3

Goal 1: N/A


Goal 2: Breakfast included spinach AND banana, lunch had broccoli, and dinner tonight includes mushrooms and carrots!


Goal 3: I was too sore after aerials last night to bike and took the bus instead, boooo (I was the only one in class so I got a REALLY intensive session). But, I did still do the walk to work and back, and I added some extra walking time to and from a cafe for an impromptu write-in. So, could have been better, but I got out! On the negative side, I did cave and get a taxi home because I missed my bus and didn't want to wait another 30 minutes for the next one because I was feeling so wiped by then. Oops, that's 2 taxi this month. I'd better stop this!


Goal 4: I'm still a few hours out from sleepy time yet, but I think tonight this will happen. I've hit my writing goal for the day, I've done all my ML stuff so my region of WriMos is nice and happy, I've done my studying for the day, and while I still have to eat and shower, I think there's no reason I won't make it to bed early enough to relax a bit. Maybe I'll badger purple_bug into starting to read Slaughterhouse Five aloud to me, so I know she actually reads it :) (I've been suggesting it to her for years and she keeps swearing she'll check it out, but so far, no dice.)



It's going to get harder from here on out! I'm losing a hour a day to MLing for NaNo, plus another 1-2 writing and another 1 or more studying for the JLPT next month, so on top of work and class, that's a lot of time eaten up and getting taken away from being healthy. But I'll do my best! And I'm resolving not to get any sweets or sugary drinks at cafes when I write or study, just plain, unsweetened teas and maybe something small and savory like quiche or a veggie dip mix if I really can't wait to get home to snack. Wish me luck!

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