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Plazmotic begins to rebuild


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A bit of a reintroduction since I was away from the boards for a bit. I’m Plazmotic, 36 years old lady, aspiring novelist, married, work as a safety auditor in a food factory, grew up an underweight teen/young adult and am settling into my body as an average sized woman. (TMI under cut for pregnancy issues)


I don’t have any kids… been dealing with fertility problems plus I’ve had two miscarriages in the last two years, the first of which was fairly traumatic and landed me in the ER.


No theme this time around but it’s time to revive some good habits I abandoned while I was doing my licensing exam:


Food – need to back away from the potato chips again and substitute with healthy alternatives; any suggestions would be appreciated!

Exercise – work out once a week after work; being practical with 1x per week because SIL is AWOL due to surgery and work has been nuts lately.

Creativity – writing session once a week; again being practical because of work and also because I need to spend some days doing errands/chores.




Yesterday was an interesting start to the challenge. I barely ate anything all day (Eggos for breakfast, 10 pizza bites for lunch) and then in the evening we went to an all-you-can-eat Italian buffet with my parents.

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October 23rd results


- ummm do Veggie Straws count as chips? Maybe? Maybe not? WHO KNOWS.

- not much formal exercise but I had to run around town in the rain attempting to get errands done but ultimately accomplished NOTHING. Which of course led to chowing down on the above mentioned Veggie Straws.

- didn’t get any creative project stuff done after work, just chilled and ate and continued watching my FFXV LP.




Yesterday was a heck of a day. Woke up at 5am so that I could make it to the fertility clinic for routine bloodwork and ultrasound at 7am, then off to work where it’s impossible to stay on target because everyone else throws priorities my way. After work I was supposed to make a copy of the mailbox key for my tenant and drop it off to him, but traffic near his house was nuts and it was rainy and the key cutting guy at Home Depot had just left for the day, aiyah. Came home and husband was looking and feeling unwell; recent round of antibiotics have ruined his digestive system, so he was feeling gassy and bloated and generally ugh. I made us some chicken noodle soup and rested for the rest of the evening.

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October 24th results


- Lived a chip-free existence!

- Again, didn't exercise but it was a late night at work where I did a lot of walking around the facilities.

- No creative work done, but because I worked late I woke up later, and waking up at 7 am instead of 5 am turned me into a whole new person brimming with optimism and cheer. Plus I had to take the backroads home instead of the usual highway madness, so it was nice to cruise through nature especially with all the leaves turning and the pretty sunset behind me.


October 25th results


- Indulged in some chips, boo. But it was small ziploc bag's worth at least. Minimal damage done.

- Went to the OCR place after work. However, even while driving home I had no desire to go, which I thought was strange given how excited I’d been about the callisthenic classes thus far. My body must have known something my mind didn’t, because I couldn’t even make it halfway through the class before I started feeling light-headed and dizzy and weak. Don’t know the reason why, might be because my digestive system is shot from antibiotics, might be because I had a vial of blood drawn in the morning.

- Didn’t do anything creative. Completely vegged out when I got home, just lay in bed and watched my FFXV LP because my arms and legs were jelly plus my head was still spinning.




Still feeling woozy today, which is weird. Can’t tell if I’m tired or low energy or what. I stopped taking Estrosmart because the fertility doctor told me to, so maybe my body is swimming in progesterone right now (progesterone has sedative properties I think).


It’s going to be some time before I can dive back into my creative exploits. There’s a few high priority errands I need to get done first: drop a mail key off to my tenant, get my car’s oil and brakes serviced, and get a haircut. After all that’s done, we’ll see.

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Plazmotic -


With chips (assuming you are talking about American chips, not British chips) I find that baby carrots can be a satisfying "crunchy snack", and salted almonds can satisfy the "salty food" craving.  As far as crunchy, salty, fatty craving goes, well, there is no substitute. 


I went through an interesting journey with my digestive system, it took Cipro to calm down whatever I had (third world digestive issues) and I wasn't right for a while after that. 


I'm gearing up for the National Novel Writing Month, so right now I'm stockpiling ideas.  Asking myself questions, looking for little oddities to spark my creativity, engaging my curiosity - so when I go have the time and drive, it is writing season!


Following and cheering!


 - Murphy's Roommate

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October 26th results


- no chips were eaten!

- didn’t formally exercise but my smartphone tells me I walked a whole bunch of extra steps yesterday due to the fact that I was out after working running errands

- actually kinda did do something creative yesterday! Went to Michaels after work and apparently deeply discounted fall floral accessories are my anti-drug, LOL. Picked up a bunch of things and ended up making an autumn wreath for my front door! Husband helped secure the thing and it’s hanging up and looking pretty.

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October 27th results


- I had, like, ONE chip and realized it was too salty for my mood and switched to eating an apple instead. PROGRESS!

- no formal exercise but I helped organize a company market sale and was basically pacing around taking people’s money for almost 4 hours, lots of steps taken!

- alas, no creativity




By the end of yesterday I felt a wee bit resentful at life. I’d woken up way early (in the midst of pre-dawn darkness) to get blood work and ultrasounds done at the clinic and ended up getting home well after the sun had set, and I was like “what’s sunlight again??? I MISS THE SUN.” Plus I’m working today (Saturday) and have to go back to the clinic AGAIN on Sunday morning, so I told my husband to start binge-watching Stranger Things without me, wah.


Feeling like I won’t get a break for a long while. No wonder I can’t get knocked up. :P

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October 28th results


- no chips, ate pretty healthy in general (dinner was Korean-style pork chops with roasted veggies)

- I had to work Saturday so I spent the morning walking around, plus in the afternoon ran some errands with husband

- didn’t get into anything creative


October 29th results


- ugh, ate wayyyy too much party mix (a delightful combo of Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, Ringolos, and pretzels) while watching Stranger Things

- Wasn’t as active as the day before; I woke up early Sunday for more blood tests/ultrasounds at the clinic and was very low energy

- Not much done on the creative angle again




I basically didn’t get to sleep in all weekend either due to the fact that I had to wake up early or husband woke up early for no good reason. :P Husband is getting a cold so his snoring is extra terrible, but it’s gotten so cold that I don’t want to sleep in the guest bedroom anymore… our bed and its duvet is much warmer. SO YEAH I’ve gotten 4-6 hours of sleep tops since Thursday, am stressed and tired, etc.

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Good luck with your challenge!


Like @Murphy's Roommate I rate crunchy carrots (baby or sticks), and salted/smoked almonds or any other nut; also crunchy fresh veg like celery, red peppers and radishes, either just with lots of salt and chipotle chilli flakes, or dipped into a smoky mayo/guac.  For salty and fatty nibbles, I like olives (and large green ones can even be somewhat crunchy!)


On ‎30‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 1:07 PM, Plazmotic said:

Husband is getting a cold so his snoring is extra terrible

Can't you kick him out into the spare bedroom? :biggrin-new:  I'm only half-joking, as you are aware, rest and sleep are crucial for health in general, including reproductive health.

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Walk FROM Mordor   Challenges: Current (#17)   Previous (#1-16)

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22 hours ago, Vibrantella said:

Can't you kick him out into the spare bedroom? :biggrin-new:  I'm only half-joking, as you are aware, rest and sleep are crucial for health in general, including reproductive health.

I've decided that if he's snoring and I have to leave, I'm taking the duvet with me, mwahahaha.


October 30 results


- not a single chip was had! Instead, I spread jalapeno cream cheese on wheat thins as my afternoon snack and it was delicious af.

- no exercise but I did go to the mall, which means I walked more than usual (also running from my car to the mall door and vice versa, because holy crap it was cold yesterday.

- not really a creative pursuit per se but I went to Sephora and screwed up the courage to ask for a mini makeover! The girl who helped me was great and nice and helpful and I totally walked out of there $300 poorer, LOL (to be fair this was planned spending, my limit was $500).


October 31 results


- oh god so much chips and candy… I haven’t eaten Nerds or Sweetarts in maybe 10 years and yet HERE WE ARE D:

- was fairly lazy today unfortunately, sat on the couch drinking wine and giving out candy for the kids.

- ummm, does participating in the company pumpkin carving contest count as creativity? Let’s say yes!

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November 1 results


- it’s the day after Halloween and I have half a carton of Old Dutch rippled chips left so yeah, had them chips. :(

- it was supposed to be an exercise day but my boss gave me extra work at the end of the day and traffic was crazy, so it took me 45 minutes longer to get home and I missed my calisthenics class. :(

- I did manage to do some poster design at work just for funzies, that was a nice little creative side project


November 2 results


- thankfully there no chips to be had

- did more talking than walking (classroom training at work +  dinner with my high school friends I hadn’t seen since my wedding)

- no time for creativity but it was SO GOOD to see my friends, it was 5 hours of sharing Serious Shit We’re Going Through.

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Weekend update


Friday: worked, came home, finished off Strangers things! Saturday: worked, figured out some property nonsense, went to bed early. Sunday: climbed the CN Tower, had bison lasagna for lunch, made slow cooker creamy southwest chicken.

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NFers, I gotta admit I’m not feeling the challenge this time around. I think foruming (is that a word?) is a little too much effort for me right now, thanks to all the other IRL stuff going on in my life. Even though I’ll be continuing with the challenge, I think I’ll have to step back from documenting everything just to save some energy and time. Sorryyyyyyyyyyy!

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21 hours ago, Plazmotic said:

Even though I’ll be continuing with the challenge, I think I’ll have to step back from documenting everything just to save some energy and time. Sorryyyyyyyyyyy!

It's completely understandable, and how I usually play the challenges! ;)   Except now, when I'm procrastinating, obvs!  :D 


Keep up the good work, and maybe do a weekly summary, or end of challenge!  Best of luck!


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Walk FROM Mordor   Challenges: Current (#17)   Previous (#1-16)

Keto:  https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto      Fasting:  https://idmprogram.com/tag/fasting/


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