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Mission Project :

 Age of Pandora


Objective : to escape dead infested territories and gather as much intel as possible.

                     (also to continue with my current challenges to regain consistency in my workouts using incentive bundling and upgrading my "bat cave," and making it easier to eat healthy)

Time Frame : approx. 60 days


Background :

So, I have been doing a pretty low impact workout routine since July, and it's been working, but I have been getting a bit bored with it lately.  So when a friend said she wanted to play Age of Pandora, I'm all in.  It's much more cardio than I usually do at once, but I throw on some HOTD and get to it.  Plus, she and I text within the scenario of what we're doing to get through it.


Status :

Yesterday,  (AKA Day 1: ) I woke up in a glass room and, using palm, knee and elbow strikes, broke out.  I saw a girl (aforementioned friend), and now I'm tracking her to get some answers (of course she won't have any, but I don't know that yet), whilst avoiding zombie-brunch.  I snuck around the building, looking for an exit (with half-jacks to "run," half-jack squats to "hold," and side lunges to "sneak across."  I made it to a closet, which I barricaded and got some much needed rest.

Best part, I did the beginner set (5 sets) and still felt hyped enough to go another 5 into the intermediate!  I'M INTERMEDIATE!!  (insert happy-dance-emoticon)  As I said, I'm used to low impact, very beginner, granted, I hadn't been struggling so much lately, but I got a nice confidence booster with that!

And it was really fun! I'm really looking forward to this challenge :)



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Day 2: Woke up to zombies reaching at me through a hole they clawed out in the bottom of the door. I panic briefly, then somehow break open the top part of the door and use high knees and jump knee tucks to "jump over them (and other obstacles)" and "run away."  
I find an exit, but it's locked or blocked, or otherwise inaccessible. I panic again as zombies are gaining, and some guy pulls me aside and says "don't move a muscle!"
I wall sit for 2 minutes (well 30 seconds a piece with 5 seconds rest between) to stay completely still as the zombie horde passes us by.


Meanwhile, I learn (let's say from the guy, for the sake of the story) that the girl (friend above) has not even broken out of her glass cell yet (she hasn't started).  Now I'm debating going back for her (repeating days 1 and 2 until she catches up) or carry on without her.  
I am having a  lot of fun and don't want to stop now, but we also started this together and I feel obligated to wait up for her.


After all, who knows how many living are left now.  We should keep our numbers up as best we can.


Otherwise, I stick to my meal plan pretty well.  

Overnight Oats for breakfast

Apple for snack

Cucumber and egg sandwich for lunch

and Grilled chicken breast with cucumber tomato salad for dinner (I'm on a bit of a cucumber kick)

And I had a bowl of cereal for dessert, which was not on my meal plan, but has more of a comfort-food quality for me.

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Day 3 was a stalemate.  My body feel ragged and beaten.  I ache everywhere.  Even my arms and lats hurt.  I didn't even do anything upper body!
But I will say, it feels like one of those "if it burns, that's how you know it's working" sorta deals. 


So, taking a slight negative health hit today.  But I'll try to stretch out tonight to try and loosen up and be more prepared to jump back in tomorrow.

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Super tired today. Did Chapter 4 today (chapter 3 yesterday)
I'm feeling like I need more from this workout so I'm now doubling it with Darebee's "Foundation Light," it seems like an easy low- impact addition for now.  I'll see how it goes down the line.

Meal plan has taken a bit of a halt with hubby in town.  He's a steak and potatoes kind of man, so the cucumber/tomato salad with chicken breast strips isn't as appetizing to him as a rib eye.  So we had rib eye.  He's only in town one more night :(   But tomorrow I'll pick up my meal plan where I left off.


I'm starting to nod off at my desk now :sleeping:

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Mission Report

I lost my companion yesterday. I think the shock finally got to me. I'm alone again, in a dead world, surrounded by unspeakable creatures. I couldn't bring myself to do anything.



Skipped yesterday, mostly because I only had a few hours sleep before hubby got up at 2:30am to leave for work. It took me a while to get back to sleep without my giant teddy bear equivalent, but I was able to get a couple more hours before I had to get up for work.

Suffice to say I was too exhausted to function much. I did make a large salad for lunch, as per my meal plan, but that's about the only think I stuck to, food- wise. And with Halloween, candy is everywhere. It was delicious.

Then, I konked out at like 8 and slept 10 hours.

Woke up today feeling awesome, so I did day 2 of the Foundation light workout. And then did day 3, while I made oat flour protein pancakes. And after I ate a couple, I felt pumped enough to go on with Chapter 5 of Age of Pandora, still felt primed, so I completed the Advanced round, and that's what I was looking for.

About half way through each set, it got harder to complete. I felt like I was begging challenged, therefore, like I was making progress. And I did an advanced version! Yeah, of a beginner's program, but still.


I finished my protein pancakes for lunch (way more filling than I thought they'd be) And did day 5 of foundation light, because it was a stretching routine, and I'm a bit of a stickler for consistencies.

Now I'm sore, but not so much so that I can't move. I feel good


Oh, and within Pandora, I've reached a camp by 'running' with 360 high knees (in 3 & a half sets) and utilized upper body workouts to 'reinforce and build up' the camp.

And my friend started day 1


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Ok, so maybe a bit too foolhardy with that last one. 

At least I know I have hamstrings now, because they have been screaming for 3 days.  I am splitting day 6 into 3 missions.  I think I'm actually supposed to pick one of 3 options, but, I feel compelled to do all 3 actions offered before moving on.  Plus they pay "scraps" per "job" and you never know if that will come in handy down the line. 

It's a lot of high knees/cardio.  I very much dislike cardio.  And am generally getting very unmotivated.  That friend didn't start day 1, but she was trying to be supportive, but it still means this buddy-adventure we were gonna have is just me, with the same old issues of "get your as up and do it"-itis.

And I have been stagnant, 1 to 3 #s above that first mini-goal All MONTH!! 
I know that a lot of that has to do with the candies being EVERYWHERE and my self control being absent.  Anywho.  Getting in a slump.  Gonna try to climb my way out of it.

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ok, so Thursday: 

I took a job as messenger between settlements (did 200 high knees to "travel" to the job site, 200 half jacks to "deliver a message" and 200 more high knees to "travel" back to the community I started at to receive "payment," which is "scraps"). 

Then followed up with 80 flutter kicks while watching Saitama track down and fight the terrorist, Hammerhead, because he's giving bald guys a bad name! But I felt pretty good that day, maintained good energy and generally felt positive. 

I think lunch was a tuna sandwich, and I can't remember what I did for dinner.  It was off script because my husband came back into town Thursday night so I cooked him a meat-plate with a side of rice.



I went hunting for scorpions.  The pay was good (200 scraps, double yesterday's pay!) the hunting itself wasn't difficult (200 side-to-side back-fists, but I did take a break half way through).  But getting to the swamp lands was an effort (270 high knees each way).  On my way back to the community, I tripped over the ONLY stone in the path (because that is totally something I would do), and rolled my ankle.  I didn't feel it at first, so I completed my mission, but an hour later, my ankle had swollen and had me limping around.   So I did not follow up with a foundation light exercise.  And dinner was deep dish pizza.  I tried to size down my lunch (grilled chicken and a steamable Broccoli Normandy package).  And it would have calorically evened out, if I didn't also eat that giant cookie hubby brought home because he was thinking of me :wub:


I'm still limping around a bit, so I skipped the workout. But I compensated a bit with sit ups, wall assisted squats and knee push-ups, and, dare I say, I enjoyed the exercise! I didn't even put on cartoons or this time! I think I might actually be getting to the point where I actually like working out in itself! I'm still not very good at it, but the act of physical activity (passive as it may have been) was pleasant :)



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Weighed in at 161 today! Was 162 yesterday :)
Making 2 days in a row that I weighed I under a 30 BMI!! Meaning I am no longer obese! (by 2 pounds) just the high end of overweight.
I don't "unlock achievement" of earning a new sports bra until I get to 160, then at 158, I'm halfway to my weight loss goal!!

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I haven't posted since Sunday?! 

Well, . . .I'm still hovering in 161's (161.8) but it's only half a week, so that's normal.
Oh, and I have hyperthyroidism, which is probably helping with the weight loss, but might be contributing to the blood pressure issues, but since that was the whole issue that jump started me into this, I'm now on a thyroid inhibitor.  But I have gotten to love the weight loss.  I do generally feel more positive, and I love seeing (well, feeling) improvements in my strength, slow and steady as they may be.  And, of course, the compliments make me feel gushy :redface:


I just hope I don't get discouraged if the weight loss does peter down.  I gotta refocus on the original mission! Weight loss can always come and go, and I'm already married, so I hooked a great guy who is stuck with me (and married me 20 #s ago anyhow!) But each improvement to my blood pressure adds to the days I get to spend with him, and I kinda really really like him a lot. . . 


Moving on: Monday, I don't remember. I went to the doc and got drugs, have another appt in 8 weeks to see if it makes a difference. Otherwise I must seek out a

And that sounds expensive.


Tyr's Day:

Now that I think of it, I totes missed making and prepping meal plans for the week.
But I ate well enough I suppose. Don't remember breakfast but I had fruits as snacks, made a chicken pita thing for lunch, which was to big so it carried over to Wednesday.

I think I did a foundation light exercise that was mostly upper body. And I threw in sets of push ups and sit ups because I felt unfulfilled. And yes, while doing push ups, I did chant Every.Single.Day!  because 20 is a bit much for me at once, and I had One Punch Man playing. I think I actually made salmon for dinner. I do love salmon.

Woden's Day:

I did an ab workout from the pilates routine I was doing before I started Age of Pandora. And I gained a new appreciation for it. I moved on from it because I was getting bored with it and felt like I was ready to 'move up' from it.  But it was more difficult that any of the Pandora workouts I've done so far. And my belly feels like jerky today! It's a lot of high- rep moves, so I guess I just don't realize that it's doing anything.

I had a peanut butter, banana and protein mix shake for breakfast, an apple with peanut butter for snack and the rest of that pita ting for lunch.

But I think I ate cereal and a glass of wine for dinner.  If anyone actually spends time reading this, I forbid you to judge me.



Thor's Day:

I think I'll go Norse with the days now, it makes this fun for me. I'm easily amused. 
This morning I did a lower impact Pandora workout. It felt good to be moving around again. If I feel energized this evening, I think I'll do the pilates routine. It's twice as long, but kind of low impact. 

Had another protein PB banana shake. Made another pita think for lunch (it's easy to throw together last minute. I'll assemble it when I'm hungry). And some fruit to snack on. I'm out of cereal now, so I'll probably eat the rest of the salmon for dinner. 

And I finally read the info for my Rx, and not supposed to have alcohol with it, so I'll probably pass on the wine too.

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I did not do a pilates routine that evening. I should know better than to hope for productivity after 4.

I did not pass on the wine, however.  I figured, it'd be such a waste to leave an opened bottle with only a glass-worth left to spoil (or maybe 2 . . . ). So, being the thrifty dwarf I am, I made sure it did not go to waste.


Friya's Day:

I was able to catch up a great deal, as I had much time to spare this day.  I Completed the chapter 7 that I had skipped over due to the foot work required, to out run an indescribably beast as I sought shelter in the nearby lighthouse, and conversed with it's occupant regarding the mysterious building I had initially awoken in. I focused on the following chapter (a lot of holding poses to secure the lighthouse hatch while the floor began flooding from rains) while I nursed my injury.
I still took it a bit easier that I would have had I been fully healed. And I completed the advanced sets.  I went on to complete chapter 9 as well.  I had made my way to the Resistance camp and the nearby mines to help free trapped children and fight off giant rats.  This was mostly upper body and a few minor kicks, so did not cause me any problems.


Buuut I only just realized I was supposed to "run" from the lighthouse to the resistance camp, then to the mines, then to the mountain caves, and back to my base camp, meaning I have to make up for 890 high knees (1780 if I wanna go advanced, which I really don't, so 890 it is . . . . damn, I was feeling really good about this too).


On a tip from a Resistance general (who turned out to be the daughter of the man I am tracking), I headed to some mountain caves (which is part of the 890 high knees I have to make up for :dread: ) to question him, or at least look for evidence about where I came from.  I was knocked unconscious and woke, bound and a hooded man standing over me, claiming to be a priest. He released scorpions and told me I was to be tried by the creator's hand and left me to either survive this, or, as he said, "be damned to the eternal dream." 

This was mostly light leg work with my hands behind my back, which I also did the advanced sets for.


For sustenance: I believe I found some popcorn that was my breakfast. I was able to procure a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch, along with some leftover salad from the previous evening, and had a larger salad for dinner that evening.  


Saturn's Day:

I was to make my way back to my base camp (which is included in the 890 high knees to compensate) and "reinforce the camp" with mostly upper body work, again, to the advanced sets, but still doing knee-push ups.

So far breakfast was just coffee with protein powder mixed in.  I'm starting to get used to the taste, so that regular coffee seems thin.
I have prepared another pita thing for lunch, and have brought apples and peanut butter to tide me over mid-morning.

My systolic pressure seems to have gone down a smidge, but my diastolic is still pretty consistently around 100, but it is early yet.  I haven't been taking these meds for a week, so there's still time for improvements, maybe?


 . . . . . now I'm just dreading those high knees . . . .

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I got 190 of the dreaded 890 high knees out of the way.
I know I could just ignore it and start doing high knees as directed from here on out, but it feels like it's cheating if I let it go.


Anywhoo, Sun Day:

I was given an option to save a woman who was being sacrificed to a giant scorpion cult, but I let her die, because my husband is in town, and I spent the morning (my usual workout time) with him, so by evening I didn't feel like exerting myself myself too much, so I just had to wall sit for a couple minutes and plank for 5 (in sets of a minute), as I 'grappled with the weight of my decision and the general futility of life in the place'. 

The foundation light exercises was a simple stretching routine, so a nice easy workout day altogether. 

I didn't plan meals this last week, and I may have had a couple giant cookies that I crumbled up and ate with milk like cereal.


Moon Day: 

The decision to let the girl die came back to bite me in the ass the next day because today I got caught sneaking around the culty temple and they threw me into the giant scorpion pit and I had to fight with him anyway.  Then I had to do 100 flutter kicks for Foundation Light.  Not a problem in itself, but after a fierce battle with the poison beast, it was a tiring day.
Then I made time to meal plan.  I made some protein bars for breakfast for the next couple weeks, grilled up a bunch of salmon for dinner for the week, and cooked ground beef for lunches. 

I ate pretty well today. Cottage cheese and banana for breakfast, a PBJ for lunch, and a big salad with some salmon fillet bits for dinner. 
And another giant cookie-cereal.

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Tyr's Day: 

I arrived back at what I have made my base camp and 'refortified the perimeter' (ie. push ups and upper body work) before taking some much needed rest.

I ate a homemade protein bar for breakfast, but for lunch, someone brought tres leches cake.  I really love tres leches cake. It's like a cross between a cake soup and cake. It's amazing.

I had 3 pieces. But I finished off my lunch with a salmon pita thingy, stuffed with extra spring mix and a cucumber tomato half-ass salsa I attempted.

I stayed pretty on point with dinner: a sizable salad (maybe 4 cups of greens) with carrots, feta and salmon bits.  Dessert was a banana with Hershey's syrup drizzled over.
oh, and my back was SO SORE! Like, all day! I didn't even do anything with my back! WTH  Bro!


Woden's Day:

I 'went into town and found some work assisting a sculptor make a lion statue' by doing 500 knife hand strikes.  They were weak strikes. Arms and shoulders still so sore from yesterday.  Breakfast was a protein bar,                            and some more tres leches cake when I got into work. . . . . and some fun sized hershey's and a laffy taffy.  Green apple.                and strawberry.


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Thor's Day:

It was an easy day in the post apocalyptic wasteland.  I just had to fight in the city pits (just punching the air for 5 minutes).  And the foundation exercise is just stretching today, so I figure I'll do it tonight, since that's when I do my own stretching routine anyway.

But also, I went to get ready for work, and was doing my hair, when I noticed this:


ok, so not spectacular, but it's progress, I mean, look at those shoulders pop!
I still haven't graduated to a non-knee push up, and I still get gassed after running half a block, which, in my defense, is like two 2 acre lots, whatever the one side of it equates . . . . 

Anyway, just had another salmon pita thing for lunch. No more tres leches cake, but now someone left a bunch of shortbread Dia de los Meurtos cookies left over from an activity. I've had 2 so far.

Had my breakfast bar for an apple, and just tried some evolve(?) protein powder  . . . :grief: Gross.  I think I'll try to cook it in something that will cover the taste.  Next I'm trying casein powder.
So far, Whey isolate goes down easy, but seems to take more to equate the benefits of regular whey, minus the lactose issues.


Aaaand I just realized I am half way through my post-apocalyptic adventure challenge! :)  It only took me 4 weeks to get through 2 weeks worth of workouts . . . . .




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Sorry, didn't realize anyone would read this, so I've let myself ramble on. 
I'll try to stay more on point.


Friday I had a difficult time getting through my workout. It was a lot of upper body work, in which I am lacking.  I was able to get through the "advanced" reps, but still had to cheat and do everything on my knees.  And at the end I was so wiped out I completely skipped the 'foundation light' exercises, which were really simple movements.  

I did use that gross pea protein in a PB-Banana-Almond Milk (with a dab of honey) breakfast shake. It still had that gritty texture, but at least it seemed to cover the taste well enough.

Saturday (today) I completed the simple foundation exercise, and the Pandora workout was pretty much a freestyle I guess for 10 minutes straight.  So I do a lot of leg stuff to feel better about myself and take it easy since yesterday was so brutal.  

I kept to my meal plan for the most part, but did have some candy for a sugar rush to get through the afternoon slump. 

I'm starting to get more lazy with my nutrition, especially with snacks.  I'll have to plan out my snacks better, maybe more protein with the fruit? To fill me up and keep me alert.


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