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Postpartum squishy skin?

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Did anyone experience this and how long did it take before you started noticing the return of elasticity in your skin? I was overweight when I got pregnant, but only gained about 12 lbs during my pregnancy (midwife wanted a gain of 11-20 lbs) and was down 35 lbs from my delivery weight at 2 weeks postpartum.

I got seriously stretched out from carrying an 11 lb 3 oz 23" long baby (dreading the day I found out we've made a boy) to term. She was born on her due date with no medical issues and no GD for me, my husband and I are just big people (I'm 5'8" and he's 6'7"). My baby bump was more like a baby Mount Everest and solidly all Elliebellie. Even my sides bulged outwards more than my hips! But now I have a nice saggy mess of skin in my lower abdomen, it's super spongy and dimply and pretty loosely empty of fat. I also have droopy love handle skin-flaps that sag a bit on each side and are the same loose, spongy, mostly-fat-less skin.

I'm eating solidly and focusing on lots of healthy animal and plant fats, exercising, drinking lots of fluids. Is it just a waiting game at this point?? I know skin can take up to a year to regain it's tightness after losing a lot of weight, so should I give myself that long in this case too?

And it's totally just a vanity issue I know, but I feel so jigglywiggly and awkward. Also, I am only 3 months postpartum now, mostly just looking for hope that it will probably mostly go away on its own in time.

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Yes, it will go away on it's own, and you're doing everything right by eating well and exercising to make it go faster. I would definitely say look for six months to a year to get back to "normal", but each person is different.

Remember that it's not just skin that's stretched out and recovering...your internal organs, uterus, ligaments, etc. all got moved around and/or stretched out too, and those things take time to bounce back.

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Not to alarm, but my sister's son is almost 2 and she *still* has that "saggy skin" as she likes to call it. She's tried everything to get rid of it, even though her doctor has pretty much told her the only way she'll be rid of it is through a tummy tuck. She's now decided to find some way to pin it up and use it as a pouch.

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I didn't have the exact same experience, as i was not overweight before I got pregnant, but I did however gain a crapload, i was 130 before I got pregnant (no muscle tone) and I was 154 after the baby...

It took a year to get back to where I started. It takes time, but It will come.

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You're doing the right things. It does take time.

That said, my friend carried a heavy baby also (not as big as yours - I think hers was 10 pounds). Her baby is almost 2. She still has a protruding belly (I haven't looked at the skin, she is too embarrassed by it), and she recently was told by a doctor that it is due to a hernia from her pregnancy. She will need surgery to fix it, and not just for cosmetic purposes - the abdominal wall needs to be intact to protect the organs. She also has an issue with core exercises - I can't remember if her doctor said to just be very careful with them or to avoid them entirely.

Just mentioning that as a possibility - it couldn't hurt to check with your doctor to make sure that isn't the case with you. Good luck!

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I had a congenital hernia before my pregnancy and my abdominal diastasis was pretty severe from ginormo. I was told to do recovery ab workouts keeping at least one leg bent with my foot on the floor and applying pressure over my herniation. The separation isn't nearly as severe as it was before and I've started doing more "advanced" moves like regular planks and pushups and things, but I still have a protruding "top belly" because of it. Also, because it's an umbilical hernia I can't wear a pressure belt over the area to keep my guts in so I just make sure that I can still push it back in after an exercise so it doesn't become strangulated. I reckon I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and hope that time will work it's magic!

If it doesn't, I'm totally going with the joey pouch idea :D

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"I won't run away anymore... I won't go back on my word... that is my ninja way!" Uzumaki Naruto

"You're pro or you're a noob. It's so easy, that's life."  Athene, Best Paladin in the World

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Nothing good to add, just sympathy. Wow there's a lot of PP crap advice out there - do this exercise, don't do that! I don't know if any are right, my suggestions would be general good heath (eating and light exercise, building gradually) and BREASTFEEDING (works miracles if you're doing it. Seriously, I could be accused of nursing my twins so long for weight loss reasons alone.)

That said, you might also consult your family. How did your mom do? Other ladies in your family? It bothered me that I have the pouch 4 years out, and I have stretch marks that look like a lion clawed my hip. More of a tear mark. And it bothered me, but it is the family way for us. I can look hot in a one piece bathing suit, and that's a decent goal.

Keep up the good work getting there!

Oh, and one thing. There was a moment about 4-5 months PP where I noticed I had lost all the weight and then some, and my body was happy. It was a nice moment.

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