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Throw me a phoenix down!

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Hey guys, it's Aer again. I haven't posted in awhile, if that's any indication as to how well I've been taking care of myself.


My education and schoolwork has sucked up almost all of my very limited energy, and to be honest I'm not happy with how my health has fallen to the wayside in the process. After coming down with a cold and realizing how sluggish I feel recently, I decided I really need to commit myself to self-improvement for my health.


Now that I'm feeling confident in my academic abilities—my adviser told me I was on a very strong track, and I think I wanna work towards getting a PhD after I graduate—I think it's time for me to focus on my body and making myself feel good in every sense in the word.


I'm interested in strength training, weight loss, and endurance building. Hoping I can get help building a workout routine while I work on portion control, my mortal enemy.

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I have been here on and off myself.  But we are here now and that is what counts.  We just have to do something with ourselves which is the hard part.


It's good you have your academics in line.  It sounds like you are in college so you should have access to a fitness center most likely.  All three things you mentioned are things I want to work on myself... along not eating so much... because those bad things are so good.  But one thing at a time.  


A new challenge will be coming up soon. Lets figure out what we can put on it and kick another name for a donkey!

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