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I'm new here, my name is Elisabeta.

A little bit of backstory for my goal.


I am a member of the Dagorhir community (a full contact LARP) and am looking to get stronger, build muscle, increase cardio. All in all improve my general "out of shape" self, by May 2018, so that I can compete in a women's only tournament. 


I'm 24 y/o, small (5ft2, 100lbs), have poor cardio, and very little upper arm and abdominal strength. Very strong legs but looking to tone up at the very least.


Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you <3

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Start Bodyweight is my go-to bodyweight training.  The default program is focused on building strength, or there's a circuit option to build endurance, depending on your goals.  You can also try the Beginner's Body Weight Workout, if you want a simpler plan.


I'll also second the "eat all the food" suggestion, if you're serious about building muscle.

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