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Lifting with tendinitis in one wrist

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Around 2-3 years ago I was diagnosed with de Quervain's Tenosynovitis in my right wrist. It's basically carpal tunnel, but in a different tendon. Repetitive movements, like typing and using a mouse (all I do all day at work), as well as lifting heavy things like grocery bags or small children in and out of seats, makes it worse.


Dead lifts make it a lot worse. I did dead lifts at the gym yesterday, and full flareup is in progress.


This worries me, because I really want to start the StrongLifts program (power clean just looks bad for the inflamed wrist), but I worry that holding a progressively heavier and heavier barbell will cause the DQT to spiral out of control. I have received cortison shots in the past and they seem to help, but I really don't want to have a third, and the next step up is surgery. Currently I am taking an anti-inflammatory every day and wearing a brace to stabilize the thumb whenever it's practical for me to do so.


I'm looking for advice from lifters who have been in my situation. (Yes, I know I should be talking to my doctor, but while he is an excellent doctor and I trust him, he is not a lifter. He's a runner. I'm keeping him in the loop though.) Since the condition is caused by over-use, I have decided to stop doing dead lifts for now. I can do squats, since the weight of the bar is not supported by the hand or thumb at all, and will look to change up a lot of my dumbbell and barbell exercises for something that keeps stress off the wrist. I just don't know what those would be.


Exercises I'm looking to replace are chest press, shoulder press, including the over-head one, push-up and assisted pull-ups, for now. I think I can do row as long as I don't wrap my thumb around the bar, but haven't truly tested that theory yet. I'm not trying to replace the exercises in StrongLifts, at this point I'm simply trying to find things I can do at the gym that give the thumb tendons a chance to rest so they can heal, while working those muscles.


And I hope I put this in the correct forum. i wasn't sure where to put the thread.

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