THIS IS A THERAPY JOURNAL.  So heads up and don't say I didn't warn you.    I like to work on exercise and nutrition goals over in the 4WCs; this battle log is just for chronicling my journey to a healthier, happier, emotionally stable Wobbegong. All complaints about Mother will be kept here, along with notes on what I'm doing in therapy, what I'm stressed about, and any successes I may have on the way. I have been instructed also to record feelings coming to the surface such that I might review them later to check on my progress, so that will happen here as well.    Things I am currently working on: Repercussions of being raised by a narcissist Repercussions of being raised by an alcoholic Developing a sense of self Learning to experience and manage feelings like an adult Special focus on grief, anger, and success/failure Deprogramming my own narcissistic traits   I don't expect anyone to follow this Battle Log or interact with me here, but you are absolutely welcome to do so if you choose, and of course I always appreciate encouragement and advice. If anything in this Battle Log helps you with your own feelings or situation, so much the better.    **There will be no trigger or content warnings beyond this point.** If you feel uncomfortable here, you are free to leave. At this stage in my recovery, however, one of my primary goals is to feel as uncomfortable as I can stand, as part of practicing feeling, identifying, and dealing with unpleasant emotions.    **I will never tag anyone in this battle log.** If people chose to come here, that's great, but I will not summon anyone. If you post here, I will quote you so you know I have replied.