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Water Only fasting

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Hello. im new to this forum and Im also new to water fasting. I am on my 5 th day. I wrote this post because I wanted advice? im not sure if I am doing this fast correctly or not. My main reason for fasting was to detox. But now its become a full fledged detox and weight loss journey. I want to learn all that i can and also fast as long as I can. Sofar its been an uphill battle (sometimes) and easy peasey at other times. On day 1 and two the hardest thing was to ignore my food cravings. I had headaches,dizziness (at times) and nausea.(but not throwing up). day 3 seems like the breaking point. I was a little hungry but nothing like before. and had very running bowel movements. and not many of them at all. on day four (yesterday) I absolutely did not want to eat anything at all whatsoever. My appetite was shot. Highly unsual for me. I cooked a huge meal for my family with all my favorites and didn't want to eat any of them. I know that hunger usually leaves you but is loss of appetite the same thing? hmmm..so last night i started experiencing the worst pain ever in my belly. it felt like super bad gas or something. Which is unusual for me. it was horrible and it went on through most of the night. This morning is my 5th day of fasting and the pain is there but alot better. I havent eaten in 5 days now  my fast has been water only. No additives just filtered and distilled water sofar. I cant understand why his pain is there Am i doing something wrong?:apologetic:


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From your post, I'm assuming that "water fast" means you are consuming nothing but water?


I am by no means a medical doctor but that sounds dangerous.


If you are drinking/consuming NOTHING but filtered distilled water (with no electrolytes/nutrients in it), the water could be pulling nutrients from your body. I read a study where an engineering group was making a water purifier. They were able to distill absolutely pure water (no contaminants, no salt, just hydrogen and oxygen).


Well, to test the water, they drank it for awhile. After about a week, some of the team started feeling ill, supposedly the super clean water was pulling things from their cells, leading them to not feel well.


I'd be curious as to how long you planned on "water fasting"? You can't go terribly long without food and the body will not be very happy without fuel coming in.

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First off, consider contacting a medical professional to address your pain. Pain is always tricky because everyone's different, and it's not always safe to follow the whims and assumptions of non-experts, particularly in matters of personal safety and health.


Second, yes, in general your body needs food to function properly, and depriving it of that essential resource will have negative consequences that might understandably lead to pain and/or discomfort.


The dizziness and headaches and such could be due to low blood pressure, which is one normal consequence of fasting.


The nausea and sick feelings could be a result of your detox working as intended. Supposedly fat is where your body stores everything including those toxins you want to get rid of, and as you burn that fat, those toxins are released into your bloodstream at a higher rate than they might be introduced naturally, which could be causing that discomfort.


Are you taking any vitamins or supplements? Your body will likely work better if you make sure it's getting all of the resources (aside from calories) that it would be getting with food, like sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc. Not having these could increase the negative effects you're experiencing.


Long term fasting is probably one of the more dangerous things you can do to yourself, and there are a number of other approaches that can achieve similar results with less risk, so I'd just suggest doing some research and seeing if there might be a better method that doesn't cause you such severe side effects.


I want to reiterate that I'm not a professional and these are just things I've read, which could be very true, kinda true, or completely false, and I encourage you to contact a professional on these matters.



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2 hours ago, wishmusic said:

My main reason for fasting was to detox


You have a liver.  Assuming it's functional, you are detoxing without any herbal remedies, water fasts, or tribal chants.  What you are doing is incredibly unsafe, unhealthy, and NOT a long term solution.


Eat something, I would guess the pain is your body demanding sustenance.  Eat something small.  If the pain still exists, go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY.  What you are engaging in IS NOT SAFE.

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Thank you all for your responses. In the morning I drink water with himalayan pink salt ( 1 teaspoon ) and that all ive had beside just pure water. I really appreciate all of you replies and im grateful you answered. I am going to take your advice and call my doctor being that i have hypoglycemia I may be doing this wrong after all. My goal was to try a 20 day fast. I hate to break my fast but I guess Ill try some broth today.

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Your body requires food to live.  What you're doing is dangerous and eventually lethal.  If you're going to pursue this course, please, please, please do it under medical supervision.


Nobody here should be telling you differently.


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