Hello! I’m Wobbegong. For anyone who doesn’t know me, a short bio:   For everyone visiting my challenge, welcome! Things tend to move quickly around here, but please feel free to skip over content you don’t want to deal with and just say hello or ask any questions you might have. I’m friendly, I promise.   I want to do a really laid-back challenge this time. (Do I say that every time? Whoops.) Mostly because this period I want to focus on running the Mini and on my Battle Log. I still want to do a challenge, though, because when I don’t I tend to fall off the face of the earth. So:   1. Exercise: Hike the open space 5x/week. Run up there at least 3 of the 5 times. This goal is really more about getting out of the house and spending some time outside, but running is great for me and really helps me clear my head and build up some resistance to at-home nonsense, so run regularly. But every now and again I go up there and I’m like “I really just want to walk around today tho?” so that will also be allowed.   2. Nutrition: No second serving at dinner. I used this goal in the past with tremendous success and I have no idea why I stopped doing it. I tend to eat pretty healthy but just too much, so this is back on the roster. Let’s see how it goes. Extra servings does not include mopping up leftover salad, should there be any.    3. Socialize: Post in at least five forum threads per day, 6x/week. Hang out with people in person (not including immediate family) at least once per week. This includes hanging out with friends and larger family events, but not “dealing with strangers” situations like going to the grocery store.   There are other things I want to work on, like bodyweight skills and measurements and painting and video gaming and many, many more, and I have permission to do those things too, but they are not going to factor into the challenge one way or another.   Obligatory ocean gif: