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J3NN Doesn't let the Holidays Slow Her Down


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Well here we are at the end of this challenge. It was quite possibly my worst yet, but maybe not. Mentally I think it definitely was. Here's the wrap-up.

Holiday season bucket list Accomplished all of the following:
-Go to the Mission Inn for our annual family night out and wandering through the most awesome consignment/thrift store
-Go see Christmas Lights (possible at the Auto Speedway)
-Host a Build Gingerbread "things" night with the Kessel run Club
-Make cookies
-Decorate (this is a challenge with three young cats, still trying to figure out what this will look like
Workout Pretty much failed this. I did all of three workouts, and did not complete three circuits on any of them.
steps/day I did increase walking. My current average is 3908 steps/day. I wanted to increase that to 4000 steps per day this challenge (average week 1-4), so that's pretty darn close. Considering I got sick and had multiple days with less than 250 steps. I only reached 82% of my Amerithon monthly total, with 40.53 miles recorded.
1C fruit & 2 C vegetables /day Other than when I was sick or had a day where it was too much eating out I was able to do this without a problem.
Finish revisions I did more revisions last week, but it's taking MUCH longer than I thought to get through this. Probably because I'm rewriting so much as I go. I also haven't been good about spending time on it, one hour a week does not make a writer. I need to do better about daily goals for future challenges.
Round 1  
Round 2 I'm only maybe 1/3 the way through round two revisions
Round 3 Haven't started round 3.
Submit to Critters Did not happen.
Complete one critique/week I have kept my standing at 100% so that I can submit my ms when it's ready. I learned how to get a jump in line too.
Design Your Destiny planning I have finished through week 3 which is the high level planning, now it's down to the action planning. I won't finish today, but I will finish by the end of the year and I feel like I have made great progress in knowing what I want to focus on next year. I picked my word of the year "Habit". I ended up identifying ten habits to work on throughout the year and I'm mapping them out into the challenges so that I won't overwhelm myself by trying to do too much at once. I talked to the group admin for that opportunity and together we worked out a plan to make it something I can help with but not become overwhelmed by so I agreed to be an admin with her for the group and set goals for that for next year as well. One technique was to set minimum, target and outrageous measures for each goal so that there's a scale to work towards. I think this is perfect for the level up your life philosophy so I fully embraced that! I think next year my challenges will look more structured and actually work me towards leveling up instead of just building the habit of self improvement. I look forward to that and am grateful to have gone through this process again.

Here are the numbers:

  To date Committed Reached
Holiday Bucket List 5 5 100%
Workout (3x/wk) 3 15 20%
Amerithon/steps 115,297 140,000 82%
Avg Steps 3,908 4,000 98%
Fruit servings (1/d) 27 35 77%
Vegetable (2/d) 52 70 74%
Round 1 revisions 1 1 100%
Round 2 revisions 0 1 0%
Round 3 revisions 0 1 0%
Submit to Critters 0 1 0%
Critique (1/wk) 7 5 140%
Find workbook 1 1 100%
DYD 2018 3 4 75%
Bonus 0 0



So yeah, while there's some success, the average is 67% which is definitely not success. But I don't feel bad about that. Through my reflection and things that were not on the list like my involvement with the Facebook group, I've discovered some things that will help my success in the new year. I've learned what may motivate me to find nutrition and fitness goals and stick to them and I have a plan to figure it out and try it. I have learned that writing fiction is fun, but it may not be a passion of mine. I'm going to explore that too. I learned that the Holiday bucket list made the holiday season INCREDIBLY enjoyable for me and my loved ones this year, it's a keeper and will be something we do in future years no doubt. I also felt that the things I sacrificed for those special memories were more than worth it. I'd set an unofficial goal of not gaining any weight over the challenge. My goal was to eat really healthy in the meals I planned so that when I was out or at parties I could splurge a little and it would all balance out. In general that happened. But... I also ended up with food poisoning and lost 7 lbs over three days, so that really threw things. Without though I think I would have ended up gaining weight. Not that I'd recommend this as an option for diet planning. It helped me see that I wasn't doing as good a job of eating healthy when it was in my control. I think I should have done more tracking of that, but that's also a lesson learned.


I also have a clean slate to start 2018 and a well planned out roadmap for the things I want to accomplish and so I'm excited to get started on that and will see you all January 1 when our next challenge starts. And the final thing I learned is that contribution matters, so I want to thank the following group members, in no particular order for stopping in and giving me accountability partners across the globe, I appreciate your time!


@Bean Sidhe




@Alis in Abernathy




Merry Christmas everyone!



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congrats on your progress (because progress is still progress!)

And thanks again for all the links! I haven't been active in the Facebook group, I've been using the weekly packets. Almost done finalizing week 4 packet. It has really helped to structure my goals so they're more approachable.


Good luck in the new year, and I'll see you on the other side!



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I Hope you have a wonderful holiday> I think you did great this challenge. It may not of been the perfect we were striving for, But I think you definitely made some serious progress and the fact that you already laid out a good chunk of the challenges for next year is a great idea.

You did great considering the fact that the holidays can throw so many things off. Keep it up. And I am here to cheer you on. I am glad you let me hang around. Thank you for cheering me on.

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You did a really good job. Revisions always take a long time, especially when you haven't been doing them for long. (In my experience, the first revision often takes as long to complete as it did to write the first draft.) If you take those extra rounds out of the score, you did much better than 67%. :)

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Happy holidays, @J3NN! Sounds like you had an mostly enjoyable holiday season. I love the idea of a holiday bucket list and how well it worked for you. I might have to try that in the future.

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