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Sphinx begins her apprenticeship


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I am quite unhappy because my weight doesn't budge albeit I don't do a lot of bad choices for meals... I guess the beginning of the cold makes me eat more. i wonder if lifting weight with machines at gym makes me hungrier. Hubby finds me leaner though.

Well, stop the bad excuses, I must make mistakes and eat too much simply.

I find going to the gym a real heaven, hubby is on the brink of a work burnout and he pulls myself in it with him without realizing it. Escaping to the gym is a blessing like this morning, at least I don't hear about work for the first hour of the day lol.



paleo 2/3 I made my first meat loaf and it was a success !

sport : 0, I just walked 3 km to go to work and added it to the batman challenge

sleep : bad 00000  6h too much worries


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18 hours ago, Sphinx222 said:

my weight doesn't budge albeit I don't do a lot of bad choices for meals   ...   Hubby finds me leaner though.

Don't trust your scale, it's a filthy liar.  Same weight + leaner = moar better :) 

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1 hour ago, WhiteGhost said:

Don't trust your scale, it's a filthy liar.  Same weight + leaner = moar better :) 


Seconded! Try not to keep the scale as your main measurement of success. It can be one way to keep track, but also keep an eye on how you feel, how your clothes fit, how you perform at the gym, and so forth. I haven't weighed myself in 7 months, and kept an eye on my feelings and gym performance, instead. Your body isn't static in a sense that weight gain/loss would always equal to fat: you might be losing or gaining water retention, muscle, food (haha) and such. Keep and eye on your weight, if you want, but don't let it dictate your feelings! It changes very slowly, anyway, and that's a good thing :)


Sorry to hear about your husband's work situation! It must be difficult to listen. I hope he'll feel better soon :)

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-:*~ Journal ~*:-

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Thank you both for reminding me this truth... I should weight me less.

The end of the week was rocked by a stomach bug, ideal to lose weight and gaining it back shortly, which proves your point, lol

So, at the end of my second week

Paleo 17/21 I am quite satisfied

Sport 6 /6 yeah !

Sleep : 4/7 not a great week but still pretty good

NEW (fasting for 19h) : 1


I am feeling I am on the right track for exercise, I make progress in terms of weight and ease of movement.

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