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Onward to Brill - No! Really This Time!


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So far this challenge is going much better than the last one. I've managed to make not drinking my default for the last few weeks. Also - I and Mr. Nyx have gotten serious about getting our home in order. So that is taking more of a priority. I will be 31 on the 22nd - so this is perfect timing to get myself into a good place before the New Year and my new year begins.


  1. Drink 1 day a week - not to drunkenness

  2. Do not drink calorie bombs

  3. ?



  1. Put clothes in front closet

  2. Take down giveaways

  3. Pack/organize yarn




  1. Keys to Perception

  2. Spirit Communication

  3. Lifting the Veil

  4. ?

  5. ?

  6. Write out Coven Charter

Study Group

  1. The Norse

  2. Tools Workshop

  3. Yule


  1. Gym 2 days a week - regardless - whichever, but 2 at least

  2. Continue to drink only water and 1 coffee a day at work (I work at the Bux)

  3. Continue to incorporate more home cooked/less processed meals

  4. Continue tea/sleeping schedule

  5. Continue lack of noise during sleep


More to be added as I think of them/create habit loops/accomplish tasks. Goal is to be out of Deathknell and on to Tarren Mill by Dec 23rd! 

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As right now, I've been stone cold sober for three weeks. Started Nov 19th, but had 4 days around Thanksgiving, and then got right back to it. I've lost a bit of weight, and my sleep schedule is actually getting itself on track. My goal is to stay sober until my 31st on the 22nd. I have no doubt I'll make it. My Witching is going really well - still 2 classes a month and I'm getting a small group going. 


Other than my job - things are going well. 

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Lvl 0 Warrior/Ranger/Mage 

Intro Challenge

Character Sheet


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