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Advice for underweight after cutting

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Okay so I have put myself in a very bad situation as a 16 year old guy. I managed to cut down from 176 lbs to 130 lbs without noticing it very much (I didnt have a scale at home until now) and I now notice that I'm underweight. My height is 179 cm and my weight it around 59 kg. I lift 3-4 times a week on a program from David Laid and weight myself every morning (if I haven't increased in weight every day, my mother gets mad af). I always try to increase the maxes in each exercise but it's really hard to always reach new maxes. I want to bulk up and gain as little fat as possible, but still gain weight to a healthy weight ASAP. What would you suggest me? :) People say you can only can 0.2 lbs muscle in a week, which worries me a lot. Should I just dirty bulk until I reach around 150 lbs, and maybe follow a plan like Stronglifts 5x5 again? My maxes right now are:
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Bench 70 kg
Deadlift 100 kg
Squat 70 kg

I could bench 95 kg, deadlift 130 kg and squat 100 kg when I weighted 80 kg, so I have lost a lot! :/

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Thanks for joining the forums! Unfortunately, per the Rules of the Rebellion, you must be 18 to be a member. 


I'm going to lock this thread for comments, but you should still be able to read the articles on the site. I'm going to recommend reading through the articles with your mother and see if you can put together a plan that will keep her happy and you healthy. Good luck!

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