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You have died...Ready Player One?

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So this last year has been full of changes, some good and some bad. I start last year by losing my job of almost 10 years. I was going through some depression, which even now I struggle with, I ended up missing a ton of days, I was warned and I still decided to miss days. I was hoping that the ensuing months of unemployment would give me a chance to make it to the gym, thought it would be like a small vacation, I was wrong. Things go worse and then something happened, I found a new job and almost immediately a new relationship. After 6 months of being unemployeed I found a contracting job, they make you stay as a contractor for a year, well since I excelled at the job I got in after 6 months which is nice because health insurance is important, been with them for about 9 months now and its nice, got on graveyards which is amazing, never worked one and wish I had before, I am a night person and sleeping after work is great for my sleep apnea as I will have extra time if I need it.


I started dating someone about a month after I got this job, shes pretty amazing and has made me want to get married and have kids, something I have never wanted before. We compliment each other very nicely and in a few months I plan on popping the question. That said things haven't been how I want them, I fell of the horse and need to get back up, we both want to lose weight and start hiking again. I started a facebook group and have about 140 followers but haven't really posted in awhile. I am hoping to get a new camera and hike consistently and hopefull travel. So I have come back to respawn, this time with a Player Two...

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