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Hi. I'm new (obvi) and not your typical gamer nerd, definitely more of an academic nerd. I am working on a doctorate in Chinese Medicine and spend much of my day looking through scientific articles and reading about herbs or psychology and chronic pain.


I do like me some old skool Nintendo and PS2 games and tend to be more of a casual/mobile gamer. Board games are good. I can make things with sticks and strings. I'm looking to formulate a body-care line at some point, but I'll probably only sell it in my office. 


I have spent a lifetime under stress and duress and the cortisol caught up after having kids and I became more sedentary and a better cook.. and the weight packed on. Bummer. I'd love to have it go away so I can be the shapely gal I once was, but at this point I'd settle for having useable abs and just being stronger. I just respawned because I was too half-assed about the Academy and I deserve better than that. I feel better than I have in years, but middle age is no joke. My knees are not what they once were. 


Motivating myself and the kids to get up and do something that isn't attached to a screen is slow-going. I'm working on that. I am hoping that these boards and the FB pages will be the motivation catalyst I need when I am faltering. I've turned so much of my life around in the last couple of years, its time to have a waist again. 



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Great name! I"m fascinated by your study of Chinese medicine. I practice Taijiquan and some related arts, along with a bit of qigong and yoga. The herbal side of things really appeals to me, although I haven't yet made the study of it that I'd like to. I also feel you on the knees-man I miss them ;)


"You are precisely as big as what you love and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you."~Robert Anton Wilson

Thom Sparrow

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