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Travelling Southeast Asia

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I am planning on taking a trip sometime after my lease is up in May, not really planning on a specific time. I am really just looking to have around $15,000 before I leave. With what I have saved I think I will be able to get that amount or close enough that I could stay with family or friends to be able to live cheaper and save more for another month or two after I move out of my apartment. Also I plan on selling all the things I will not be needing that I have been neglecting to sell all along. I am looking at different career options and ways to possibly earn a bit of money while travelling. I want to go for at least one year if not more and I think I could spend well under $1,000 a per month travelling. The countries I looked at prices for landing in different countries and it seemed like from where I am at the cheapest place to fly to would be Indonesia, from there I would probably go up to Malaysia, then Thailand. I am thinking from Thailand going east towards Cambodia, and Vietnam. Then I was thinking about going up from the more southern part of Vietnam and going through Laos into Myanmar. I also debated visiting India as well. I wouldn't say that this plan is set in stone but it was just kind of the idea I had in mind of how I would like to travel. I feel that I am very flexible and open minded and definitely would be open to any ideas or suggestions, or really anything anyone would have to say about it. I mainly chose these countries because I am trying to spend as little money as possible so that I can continue travelling for the most amount of time. Again, I would really love any type of tips or feedback to what I am planning on doing with my life. It is my 21st birthday this weekend and I feel like I am just wasting my life away at my job and I need to do what I really want to do with my life.

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