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Arcelas the n00b

Workout gear for tall guys that won't break the bank

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I'm tall. (6'5") so shopping for athletic gear has always been a pain in the leg. (get it?)

I'm also on a budget, having just gotten off disability 6 months ago.

So I'm looking for workout pants that are: 

  • Inexpensive
  • quality
  • frigging long

If these exist, could you point me in their direction?


So many thanks!

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As far as pants go...I found a good set of rebook sweatpants at their outlet store a few months ago.


You've got a few inches on me (I'm 6'2). I tend to do most of my non-professional wear shopping at goodwill/salvation army type places (and jeans from tractor supply).


I just shoot for something big enough to cover my hairy areas and then hit the power rack. I'm not dressing to impress there. In fall/spring/summer I'll show up in shorts and t-shirt (again, primarily from goodwills/christmas/presents)


Winter (or very cold), sweat pants (3 pair seems to work for a week for me, I do MWF schedule), t-shirt, thermal "henley" shirt over t-shirt. Henley gets tossed after warmups (henley came from tractor supply)


Non-workout (i.e. professional) wear comes from charles tyrwhitt (ctshirts.com). Their stuff is a little more upfront but saves money on the back end as it doesn't wear out quickly (can only speak to shirts, haven't tried their pants yet, set is coming this week, their shirts are better than jos.a.banks)

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1) What size pants do you normally wear? I wear a 32x36 and I've had a heck of a time finding things. Honestly for the most part I just accept that my work-out pants are going to be a tad short. Amazon will let you search by waist and inseam so you might be able to find something there.


2) What specific activity do you need work-out pants for? If you're just wearing them to the gym and dropping them when you hit the rack, I would just look for a pair of long sweats (Amazon is your friend there). If you're running outside, reconsider how you dress. When I run I don't wear long pants for anything above freezing. Instead I opt for long-sleeve Under-Armor-style shirts, a thick beanie (wool or PolarTech fleece), good gloves, and maybe a sweat shirt or a windbreaker if the weather's nasty. (I have a high metabolism so I generate a fair amount of body heat when I get moving.)


3) For non-workout clothing, I recommend Propper. Their stuff is meant for law-enforcement / military tactical types but some of their pants can pass for chinos. I bought some a few months ago (after another manufacturer stopped making my beloved cargo pants) and I practically live in them now.

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I am firmly in the sweatpants, hoodie and ratty shirt camp of gym apparel.  I have noticed that many work wear stores are starting to stock extra long shirts and hoodies.

In my area we have a store called "Mr. Big & Tall" that specializes in big and tall clothes.  "Big & Tall" is also a search category for clothes, maybe you can find something in your area?

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