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Hunters Gonna Ranger: The Find-The-Bastard-Who-Stole-The-Hype Mini Challenge

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On 1/27/2018 at 1:32 PM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Do your distance feat. We'll get the hype home and fix it next challenge.



Oh hell yeah I am SO READY TO ROW*


*she screams from a small pocket of post-gym hype

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i am not waiting for a hero.  i saved myself long ago.

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I did it (the distance feat)! I walked for an hour! Granted I counted the standing in line bits too, but hey I took the scenic route. I need to get sneakers, then I can do it more often.

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Elize had fallen way behind her Ranger-friends, as she had stopped to donate blood, and assist the medics back at the hall. Trying to track them with her strength down, and head swimming a bit, she stepped right into a heavy trap, falling from above, knocking the wind right out of her. It took her a while to struggle out from underneath the heavy, ungrippable (sp?) mass, which kept slipping and sliding around, but with the last of her strength she pushed the object up and over, and moved it out of her way.

But she isn't the kind of ranger to give up easily. She rested a bit, then got up and started tracking the other rangers again. Where she could she got a slow jog up, otherwise had to walk. By nightfall on the last week she could finally see the last of the group of rangers in the distance. Tired and a little out of breath, she turned her head to try and find the source of the rustling just off the path... Elize sighed heavily, she really wasn't up to a fight right then, but if that four legged creature looking at her wanted one, then she will just have to accommodate it, won't she?

To be continued...


In other words, yes I've fallen behind on my feats. I'm trying to make up, and have adjusted some of them, like strength became a wrestling match in flipping over our king size mattress - singlehandedly (yesterday) after donating blood for real. And distance feat was done today where I tried to get the furthest distance in that I've walked this month (ok, ever since I started training). Did 4.16km in 40min+-, and I managed to jog in three places, without my heart jumping out my throat. I have two more days to do combat with whatever creature sneaked up on me :D:P

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Mrs. Van's Latest Challenge


Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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Checking in after a quiet week.  


I did this one last week! : 


On 12/25/2017 at 6:18 AM, EaseActivate said:

Combat: take the Long Walk route for every dog walk, and be willing to brave the cats, squirrels, and dogs that will bring out my companion’s fight response. Practice aikido-leash skills.


I also got this one in over the weekend: 


On 12/25/2017 at 6:18 AM, EaseActivate said:

Distance: 15k steps in one day


I got 25k steps on Saturday (a new record between me and my fitbit!) and 23k steps on Sunday!  It helped that I was at Disney World. :) 


Ranger on!! 

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This feat, unlike several of the others, actually aligns with my life this week! I have gotten so much stuff to get ready for the move done, and it's only Wednesday. I have more I'm going to do the rest of the week, but I don't know how much time I'll have to post, so I will take the opportunity to call it done. :D

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Wood Elf Waywatcher Mandalorian (Assassin/Ranger hybrid)

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I have walked my 63000 steps solemnly with the rest of the rangers with our broken hype.

though I have not conquered all, I'm happy to report I have battled each week on recovering our hype through the various challenges that have been posed.


I only quailed during a feat of combat; where my efforts were sincere and significant but not enough to put down the mighty giants.


I'm proud to have been part of the campagne and I offer a toast to all those that took part within the guild.



there are  a few rangers in the trail behind us, and as the Ranger I am- I will not forget them.  I shall voyage back a few thousand steps to see if I can help.


I hope to see you all at the victory celebrations that shall surely occur when the guild is all safe and sound

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the "NEW" normal is good with me! as Life was Never really Normal anyways....


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On 12/25/2017 at 12:34 AM, SkyGirl said:

Distance:  Walk on the treadmill at moderate elevation for 30+ minutes, twice


I'm only going to get half of my feat in because I have to spend most of tomorrow working on homework, but I'm headed to the gym this afternoon to hike up that treadmill!



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Going for a nice walk through my neighborhood was my distance feat.  I have been super low energy this week and really busy so I'm comboing this with being out and about for other reasons.  I will walk where I've gotta go tonight instead of taking a cab.  Rangering in a cocktail dress like a boss.

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11 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

If you've never seen Enter the Dragon I recommend tracking down a copy.

I saw it as a kid, so can't remember anything other than Bruce Lee is in it. But just remembered that I bought Brandt that dvd for Christmas!

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Mrs. Van's Latest Challenge


Zechariah 4:6

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the Lord."

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I'm calling my distance feat a win, I was aiming for over 6500 steps per day and I got there 5/7 days this week. Not bad considering how low my steps have been on "rest" days

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Got my distance feat earlier in the week but forgot to post whoops.

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29 minutes ago, TheGreyJedi-Ranger said:

Got my distance feat earlier in the week but forgot to post whoops.

Same here :D

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Well done everyone.


The Rangers brought the hype back to the village. Tired, but not defeated, they prepared themselves for the.....................




The next Ranger mini is ready to go, you'll see it as soon as the new forums go live.

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Current Challenge

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Got in my 20 miles for the week!

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