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Korranation's Quest for Self Knowledge

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Hope all is well with you [mention=25695]Korranation[/mention]. Looking forward to taking on the next challenge with you.

Everything is going well on my end.
We're doing a biggest loser weight loss 12 week challenge at work. I've been in the top five for the last three weeks, but I'm up against a vegan.

Can't recall if I've mentioned this. I've written at least ten posts for this thread in my mind, but never sat down to write any of them because of distractions. Heck, I've gotten interrupted three times while writing this. But it's the Super Bowl right now. And between cooking and watching the commercials it's tough to juggle making this draft.

So good news. I'm more active in the academy FB group, I rejoined Rising Heroes, and my stepmom finally being nice. And for the latter either she's finally accepted me as a non-threat or is being more vulnerable and open due to her pain killers after she got a bulging disk.

I'll have my new challenge up soon and post a link here when I'm done.
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