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Super Smash Assassins

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And the Results Are:

In 29th Place, with 1 Point Each:  King Dedede, Marth, Olimar, and R.O.B.

In 28th Place, also with 1 Point:  Bowser

In 23rd Place, with 2 Points Each:  Captain Falcon, Ike, Lucario, Mr. Game & Watch, and Ness

In 22nd Place, also with 2 Points:  Falco

In 21st Place, with 3 Points:  Donkey Kong

In 20th Place, also with 3 Points:  Wario

In 19th Place, also with 3 Points:  Diddy Kong

In 18th Place, also with 3 Points:  Peach

In 17th Place, with 4 Points:  Yoshi

In 16th Place, also with 4 Points:  Snake

In 15th Place, with 5 Points:  Ice Climbers

In 14th Place, also with 5 Points:  Jigglypuff

In 13th Place, also with 5 Points:  Mario

In 12th Place, also with 5 Points:  Pokemon Trainer

In 11th Place, also with 5 Points:  Pit

In 10th Place, with 6 Points:  Luigi

In 9th Place, also with 6 Points:  Zelda

In 8th Place, with 7 Points:  Meta Knight

In 7th Place, also with 7 Points:  Fox

In 6th Place, with 8 Points:  Ganondorf

In 5th Place, also with 8 Points:  Kirby

In 4th Place, with 10 Points:  Pikachu


In 3rd Place, also with 10 Points:  Samus



In 2nd Place, with 12 Points:  Sonic



And with a Perfect Score of 15 Points, the Champion is:



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