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*coughs* Um.. Hello :)

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Um... hello!

What to say... I turned 40 this year - argh! I'm sure that can't be quite right, I thought 40 was like, responsible adult age. Hey ho :)

I was ill this time last year with pneumonia, and accidentally lost a couple of stone I'd been stressing about for years. Which is great! I wish someone had suggested that I be hospitalised sooner... So yeah, smaller than I was but still overweight, none of my bloody clothes fit, and now I want to get fit, and toned, and lose the last couple of stone that are hanging on in there.

I live somewhere in the Mediterranean, bit of a macho culture and there would certainly be raised eyebrows if I went in the local gym on my own so, I turned to the t'interwebnet and found you lovely lot - I've read a lot of your posts and everyone seems lovely and welcoming and inspiring, so I'm going to go look at that "Challenge" tab now, and get myself going!


Mabs x


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37 minutes ago, Mab said:

I turned to the t'interwebnet and found you lovely lot


You have found a fantastic culture of people!


And you already found the challenges subsection! Perfect. You will fit right in!


Seeing this is your first challenge you should check in the section: Level 1 / First timers. @Hazard is the guild leader there and will make sure you will land nicely!



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... a little odd in the head ...


Assgined to the following Adventuring-Parties:



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