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Great workout today, did 2x305lbs on deadlift, my best deadlift to date, I was tired after this lift. New technique on my bench press that I think helped my shoulders. I lifted heavy for me and my shoulders felt good afterward. Little lunch now finish taking Christmas decorations down.  One irritation today was that I forgot my notebook so I was guessing on some of my weights, I hate when I forget my notebook almost as much as forgetting my headphones. The headphones are actually worse since I can find a pen and paper at the gym. Another week down and another started.

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Wow, I was not feeling it today at all, I was feeling tired and didn't want to go, however, I did got to the gym and feel better after going, not sure why I'm tired, got a decent nights sleep, well the point is I went so I feel good about that. The gym was pretty empty which I like. I didn't hit the heavy bag today, jumped rope, I need to practice more, kids make it look so easy :)  Went to the gym two days this week, so off to a great start, meditated yesterday and plan to tonight. Short work week and off this weekend.

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20 hours ago, Enforcer25 said:

, I was feeling tired and didn't want to go, however, I did got to the gym and feel better after going, not sure why I'm tired, got a decent nights sleep, well the point is I went so I feel good about that. 


I've been feeling the same way! Tired for no reason, cuz I'm getting over 8 hours of sleep a night. But going to the gym anyway. So, kudos to us! Thanks for mentioning jumping rope. I should add that to my list. I've been looking for a new exercise to add in.

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Worked out yesterday and meditated, the workout was great, felt really good after my lifts, was tired, but felt good. Today is supposed to be in the low 50's so may go for a walk instead of going to the gym, love being outside, don't love the cold. Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm off so I know I will, also brewing and IPA Sunday so that will be fun. The last panel in this meme is obvious if you are a brewer, you spend a ton of time cleaning and sanitizing everything, that is by far the worse part of homebrewing.



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Took the weekend off, feel like I may be coming down with something, not sure. Will probably go lite at the gym today. I did miss one day of meditation Saturday night :( I have still not had any energy drinks and have been making my gym goals. People I'm following seem to be progressing well and that is always cool to see. Here's the start of another week.

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Did not feel like working out today, was tired today, but glad I went. Had a PR on my bench press, 2x210lbs, and deadlift 1x315lbs. I planned on taking it easy today, but got to the gym and was feeling great on my lifts, didn't have enough energy on my pullups though, need to work on those. Did my meditation for the day. Now to cook some dinner for the family and enjoy one more day off before heading back to work.  

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Didn't work out yesterday nor today, have been busy with work and yesterday was taking care of a plumbing issue at home. Will work out tomorrow, I was getting stressed about missing two days in a row, but then remember what I tell people, this is a marathon, not a sprint. I will still get my 3-4 workouts in for the week and I did have oatmeal this morning, so that's a plus. Have a headache right now, so will get dinner going and relax tonight. Hope everyone is doing well. 

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Rough last couple days, did make it to the gym last night, man was it packed. Don't mind the new people, we were all new at one time. What was irritating was the two doofuses working out right in front of the dumbbell rack. Now when people want a dumbbell, they have to wait till these two are done or do like I do and just walk up and get what you need. I did have a good workout, was pressed for time since I had to run my kid up to school, but still fir most everything in. Hoping to go today also. Did meditate last night and had oatmeal for breakfast the past two mornings. So overall was a good day.

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Nice job on your challenge, 

On 2/2/2018 at 7:15 PM, Enforcer25 said:

Great workout today, hit the heavy bag for 5 rounds, rowed for two rounds and stretched. Here's How I felt :) 



This is PERFECT!! Sorry that I haven't been around much the last few weeks and now have bombarded you with notifications catching up :D 

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