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RoachRex is back at it!


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Hey everyone, I kind of forgot about last time around but I'm back! and I even lost some weight while I was gone! So let's keep it up!



Go to the GYM at least 2x a week!! 
I finally signed up at a gym! It's close by my house and open when i'm omw to work!  I'm going to be following this plan from bodybuilding.com so I have an idea of what to do at the gym lol.


Stay under 1500 calories 6x a week

According to myfitnesspal this is the number of calories for me to lose weight on. ( y'all can follow me there, I'm still RoachRex ).  7th day is cheat day! (saturday is my cheat day).  I am starting to learn about macros but tracking is a pain so I think I'll stick with this version for the time being. 


Level up in cooking!
This time around my goal is sort of two-fold.  I have a basic understanding of the frying process but I don't know a thing about spices or herbs so it always comes out a bit bland (salt helps sure, but I want more!)  So i'm gonna start trying to experiment with herbs, spices, and marinades!  I want to eat healthy but I also want it to taste good!!


Get outside!

I've got some gear together so I really want to go camping!! But if I can't go camping, then at least I want to go on a day hike!!  Weather may not permit me to go camping (I live in socal and our wild places are kind of a little bit on fire) but in that case then I'll try to at minimum go for a hike in a local park or botanical garden or something.  Ideally more than once but, we'll see. 

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Hey Roach!! I'm glad you're back!


Following for cooking inspiration - food is going to be a big component of my goals this year, too!



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The Silver Archer, Ranger Level 51

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"Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people." - Fred Rogers

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Great challenge!  I used to hate the gym but I have been going for about 3 months now and actually love it.  Glad you are interested in upping your cooking skills.  Lots of great ideas on Rangers threads!  @Tanktimus the Encourager Has lots of great recipes to check out and I will try to post food pics at least once a week.  



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