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Go vegetarian
This week i had my first real "challenge" with meat. After a good workout i felt snacky i reached into the cupboard and pulled out something walking into the living room. My girlfriend said: you can't have that. At first i said why? i am still in my calorie goal i am still okay. The she said, it is meat. M head went CRAP forgot and i really was looking forward to some spicy beef jerky.


other than that, everything went fine. Even found a good vegetarian chicken substitue.


Reporting results
The accountabilitay goes well, i lost 700 grams making a total of 120.8. I reported this with Shello and Def and i already made my first extra workout.


Managing the budget
This went reasonable, i visited the shops 3 times this week, so this went better than last week, not yet optimal but progress.

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Lvl 1: Adventurer with monk ambitions

Current weight: 123,3 KG.   Target weight: 85KG


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review last challenge


Eating vegetarian was actually something that went pretty reasonable. I had no extremely difficult moments and i had a minimal ammount of meat cravings. The hardest time was finding ready meals and mostly the variaty of it.


Reporting in really does keep me motivated about losing weight, so this is something i want to continue. I don't know if the medium is quite right. Sometimes i feel like i am a bother if i involve other people or people forget keeping me accountable.


Managing the budget is far more defficult I am having a hard time with this, Habits have to be broken and new habbits have to be created here.


All in all this was a mediocre challenge, but the most important part i finished it. This could be the starting snowball to more results.

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Lvl 1: Adventurer with monk ambitions

Current weight: 123,3 KG.   Target weight: 85KG


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