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millhavenslottie starts the year off...slowly

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Jan 10 - Jan 11 - A-


  1. Water - Success!
  2. Calorie deficit -Haven't quite made up my calories from Monday, but am otherwise doing well. - Success. 
  3. NF Workouts - Finally did my first one - 3A Bodyweight. It was largely almost too easy, but then the side planks at the end were surprisingly challenging. I also did pushups the easy, normal way to get through all of the sets rather than the elbows-in-and-back way my aerial instructors used to encourage. Only a bit sore today, though, so should be fine doing the next one tomorrow. - Success.
  4. Class - Did NF Workout Wednesday rather than a class due to work schedule/dog issues. Still no classes in January, but my reason was valid. Neutral.
  5. Step goal - Haven't finished today's (2.5K left) or made up my missing steps from Monday. Qualified Success.

Life goals:

  1. Spanish practice - Success.
  2. Instagram posting - Success, even though I had to resort to a #tbt today.
  3. Cards - Not yet.


I still haven't gotten around to finding any video links, so I went back to IG and pulled one of my last silks pictures from before I moved. This was the last new climb I was working on (we called it high half angel) and it was pretty dreadful. From what I recall, I could do precisely two repetitions up the silk (on a really good day), and I don't think I could even get my bad side at all. Now I look back and hope I'm just able to do that much again.




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Beautiful, you make it look easy!
You should go back to regular classes really, it is obvious that you are missing it. I know it's one of your goals for 2018, but why not now? You can always wait to be stronger / thinner but you could also just start now.

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