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Animuse Panics! Right into 2018


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2017 was... a lot like 2016.



The Bleh:

- I had a major burnout on tracking, stopped tracking all the things (hence why I wasn't around much). I'm still doing alright, but I'm noticing the slow gradual slide that seems to happen with plateus.

- I let go of some of my responsibilities, which is good but also an ending. With other changes it wound up being a pretty quiet year event wise.

- We had to learn some really difficult boundary issues when it comes to helping others. Hard lessons that wound up with our house broken into and things stolen. While it's resolved, our household is still dealing with a lot of trust and financial issues from it :( 

- In the Spring I was finding that I had a lot more free time than normal, turns out I don't know what to do with myself with free time. I finally recognized a distinct self-hatred pattern if I'm on facebook or other time-sinks too long, so I've been using an app blocker which has been helping.

- One of my elderkitties developed stage 4 kidney disease in the Spring and passed away late November. I hadn't realized how much it affected me until the late stages and after, when I noticed pretty bad caretaker fatigue. We also had a great aunt's funeral the same week, and my husband's family is pretty close so the holidays were pretty muted.

- Add the cold affecting me pretty hard this year and a lot seems to be slipping.

- We changed our schedules so husband and I could go to the gym together - turns out we're developing habits that are keeping us from going to the gym. I had a goal two years ago to clear out an area in the basement and when I do we can get a home gym. While I worked on that, it's still not ready yet.

- Our finances are still pretty suck. We've almost got one credit card paid off, but the other one is high-ish now too. 

- All of my computers (including at work) have fritzed on me. It took me 4 months to reassemble the components for my tower and my laptop hard drive had to be replaced in the middle of that. It's like I'm a Dresden Files wizard or something.



But the good must outweigh the bad :)


The Better:

- I've been quitting the word "supposed to" because it's trying to change the past and that's not possible. I want to work more on why I feel as though I must be productive 100% of the time or feel awful. 

- This time last year my deadlift was at 175, I got it to 210. With my current numbers I could maybe get a 1RM of 235, so progress

- I'm working on more mindful eating, and overall I'm not doing too shabby. The holidays aren't great for it, but "bad" consists of 2 cookies a day. 

- I was doing pretty well starting to bring lunches to work

- We got to try rock climbing for the first time evar

- I had a drastic hair cut change, went from straight and long to pixie cut and have started rocking crazy colors in the front mixed with my regular hair color and my work has given me 0 flack, have even had compliments on it (right now I have blue, teal, and purple in there). Even while consulting for other departments o.o

- I've seen the most progress at work I think, taking on a lot more responsibility and moving in new directions. I'm happy with that, even if it's hard to want to leave to go to the gym :3

- We've had some holiday backslide, but I feel like we're keeping up better with the house.

- I started taking Japanese classes in the Spring, I'm doing pretty well with it and plan to keep at it. My "sister-in-law" (ie best friend's younger brother's wife) had made some mention about maybe going to Japan in 2020, and I think that's a little soon I'd love to start planning for the possibility.

- I started DMing for a D&D 5th ed game - it was planned as a one-shot with the Starter Kit, and they had so much fun we just wrapped our 7th session and will likely finish the module.

- After a false start, I have (finally!) acquired my GlowForge - once it gets less frigid we're going to start using it! LASER ALL THE THINGS


And 2018 is looking much brighter!




- I'm starting a Masters program in January

- We're likely to start regularly rock climbing with our personal trainer (who said he'd help us out with that for free - tbh he's in our Pathfinder group now so it'll probably just be more hangout time XD) in late January

- GOING TO ALASKA IN LATE JULY OMGWTFBBQ~! A few years ago we attempted to take a family cruise and it got snowed out, so this is the makeup one. And I've been with my work long enough that I already have the vacation time saved for it.

- There is a potential to go to BlizzCon this year. If I save my pennies. omg o.o


So I need to plan for the good! But see that tracking burnout :P so I'm going to go slow with it. 



I don't know how this wound up being a Panic! At the Disco theme, but there ya go o.o

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January Goals!



Because I recognize that if I over-track I fall off completely, I'm going with goals instead. Think of this as more of a trial and error log.


1. Studying, aka 勉強しますよ

I've dedicated two open evenings to studying. I'm heavily considering getting WaniKani to help out with learning kanji (it's 50% off for lifetime membership, I've been working through the trial over winter break and it is helping).


2. Stabilize workouts

The cold is really dragging down getting to the gym. Having a scheduled PT time helps. When college starts up I'm planning on working, then gyming, then going to class. If we start rock climbing that gets me a third dedicated day, which means I have one day that's not dedicated to get to the gym. That's the one that's going to be hard. 


3. Buckle down on finances

With the Alaska trip and possibly BlizzCon looming, I need to get finances under control so I have the money available for those. This will include bringing food to work and eating at home for dinner more. The hard part in that is the prep time, I haven't been able to get myself to meal prep yet. 



Bonus: Walking to Mordor

We'll be tracking step progress based on our Vivosports.

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2 minutes ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

What app blocker are you using? I'd like to block a lot of things during my training time since I don't have any willpower.


Thanks! I'm using the free version of AppBlock - you can choose which apps you want to block and have a few set schedules for them. I think you can also set a total time length per day for apps.

I'm right there on that no willpower problem. If I'm in and out for a specific task it's okay, but it's the newsfeed trap type stuff that sucks hours off my life o.O

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The weekend has been spent holing up in our house. StL isn't normally too bad but we've been stuck in subfreezing temperatures for at least a week now, which is pretty unusual (at least the bugs will be super ded for the summer). Did get to gym yesterday and felt 65% better, today I feel like I have stuff in my lungs so extra tea will be had (extra tea would have been had anyway, let's be honest, I'm a giant tea junkie and it's stupid cold).


As the second year in a row, we've started a NYE tradition of smooshing our couches together, making a pillow fort, and watching anime/cartoons. As a kid we had a tradition of making a "drive in" in our house and watching Sports Goofy, so for nostalgia pulled it up on YouTube. It's funny how my brain still has the exact audio timing down XD

We also did a large chunk of work on the basement corner since I had husband in the same room and focused on it (tbh most of the stuff in that corner is his - we need to reorg the storage in our house). I think we agreed on a layout he's excited about, so maybe that will help him get the impetus to work on it too.


Today will be getting finances in order (I haven't gone through completed paperwork in 2 years and it's piled up to unmanageable, so fixing that and paying things today). We specifically did not make any plans this weekend, so it's been messing around/housework which is sorely needed.


Tomorrow I'm back to work and we're going to attempt to go to the gym *crosses fingers*

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1/1 & 1/2


2 days in a row!

Don't expect regular posts from me, my posting chart is a pretty cosine shape ^_^



Oooh, Hero's journey! :D



Did: Purchase WaniKani for learning kanji. It's already seeming to help, even if it's not quite the same kanji set I'm learning in class (most classrooms will go for simple concepts but complex kanji, WaniKani breaks down the kanji into it's radicals and then teaches you simple kanji that will be in other kanji)



Did: Got through all my previous year(s) records! I thought I had slipped last year and hadn't packed it up, turned out to actually be since 2011 :o sooooooo that's done yaaaay! Now I need to catch up on current bills and I'll be good to start 2018 ^_^



Did not yet: Go to gym :/ Husband is still super sore from Sunday. I didn't eat much today (feel like I'm coming down with something) but I'll try to get some bodyweight stuff in tonight (I've found exercising does help kick illness back a bit *crosses fingers*)


Walking To Mordor

Did not yet: I need to calculate steps to miles yet, but it hasn't been much. Pretty sure I'm not out of the Shire for quite some time yet :P


Current Status: Our "kitten" Temmie is trying to sleep with his head on my hands while I type o.O

Parenthesis because he's almost two and large, but still 100% kitten.


Tomorrow: Friends are coming over to play the Dresden Files tabletop!

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1/3 - 1/4


Augh o.o

So I haven't had shoulder issues before, and since I haven't gone to the gym lately I'm wondering wtf. It felt funky last night, today odd angles are making it tweak. Boo. Possible that I had it at the wrong angle while doing planks the other day for the Daily Dare PVP. So I'm leaving it alone right now to see if it'll deal with itself. 50 bodyweight planks today instead, need to figure out what other leg and core exercises I can do that don't involve using my shoulders.


Worked from home today so way less steps than normal, other than walking to the kitchen for tea. Still sorta sick, korma tonight to see if I can burn it out :3

The other agenda item tonight is to study because I have Japanese class on Saturday.

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1/5 - 1/6


Current Status:



Still sick. Other than gym Monday and some vague flailing around at the house planks and bodyweight squats and stairs, not much in the way of exercise. Too cold to go outside to walk with a cold. Pout :< It also has me craving carbs like mad, have been trying to avoid them - work still has the battery of sweets in the breakroom, have been aiming for the smallest possible item if I do cave.

Talked with husband this morning about it and did a recommitment to next week. Have PT at gym tomorrow so at least there's that.


Today is my first day back from Winter break for Japanese class, so studying after this for a little bit. Then we're going to meet up with a friend for some Glowforge supplies to see if I can do some etching/engraving to increase the quality on one of her products  on Etsy. Too bad it's still too cold to use the Glowforge, since I have to open a window for ventilation o.O


Oh! Shoulder is feeling better. I'm not having any pain when I lift my arm. Haven't tried weight on it yet but PT is good about being careful with such things, so I'll probably go lower weight tomorrow (and pout more but that's okay because I'm still recovering).

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And here's the posting slope ;)

Did Deadlifts on Sunday and felt way better - but was down for the count pretty much the rest of the week. Didn't go to gym on Tuesday. 

Today's the first day I've felt a semblance of normal. Was supposed to start my first Masters class tonight, but inclement weather shut a lot of the city down (and tbh it's probably not too bad out but with our abnormal weather patterns it can change to disastrous pretty fast. Or be fine. Or rain daisies. Who knows, it was 65 this morning and now it's 20.). DID go to gym and do more deadlifts though.


We're going to be out of town this weekend with limited internet access, so maybe not posting. Won't have PT either, but we may go (indoor) swimming or something instead. 

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On 1/18/2018 at 9:40 AM, deftona said:

How was your weekend? Did you get a swimming session in?



Sans swimming :( But they have some 10lb weights so at least did some flailing while I was there ^_^


1/12 - 1/20
Yeah, see that graph up there ^_^ 


Weekend went well! It snowed overnights, and going to a lake in January means half the places aren't open, but I did a lot of studying and reading and general chilling.

Fitnessery: Went to the gym on Wednesday (SQUAAAAATS! Still sore :P ) and otherwise have at least been active each day (between elliptical/grocery store/PokemonGo each day).

My first Masters class was on Thursday - I'm trying to figure out the schedule on how to do that. So I think on Thursdays I'll at least elliptical before class so I will have not sat all day. 

Our PT called out tomorrow, but we're still planning on hitting bench.


Studying - bombed my test (but lots of others did too) and we have some oddness for the next few weeks. Doing really well on WaniKani, making sure to take it really slow but the kanji is definitely sticking.


Finances - Better? I'm bringing work to lunch more. See below for a bit of additional cash flow, but husband and I are still having conversations on how to go about this. We have pretty different ways to look at it so we're still working on finding common language o.o 


In Addition - Lots of change at work. My coworker that does the same job as I had his last day on Friday - he's been there longer than I have and is pretty awesome so it was really bittersweet for everyone. At the same time, they're announcing my promotion to a II next week (he was supposed to have the same, but odd timing is odd timing). We're hoping we can get someone in to his job, if not things are going to get weird, since we certainly had enough person to hire another person to begin with o.o So my new joke is that II means "two people" :P I'll just have to change priorities and do more delegation and such. 

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I'm sooooo soooooore ;_;


It's been a while since we did bench day (Bench day!). There was some regression :< The main was 8x3 at 65lb and it was haaaaaard. I was trying to get to 95 in the summer whaaaaaaaaaaaai



So I suppose that will get me to focus on that a bit more. Tomorrow is DEADLIFT DAY and I am sore but still excite :3 I'm also getting dinner with one of my closest friends and she just started NFA (yaaay!) so I may try to convince her to wander in here, but she's not on the computer very much atm.


Food front has been... ah. Hmm. Cupcakes were involved :/ So was beer and pizza, which reminded me that THAT is a terrible and horrible mistake. So I didn't eat much today until dinner (korma was had). And it looks like both major meals tomorrow are eating out (which is a little sad 'cause we bought sashimi grade salmon yesterday and I WILL EAT IT. But likely Wednesday.) This also means that Wednesday will be my study day.



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I'm not sure if I misread your schedule, but do you gym every day? Following squat day with deadlifts is just evil. :D


And hurray more recruits!

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19 hours ago, Kestrel Grey said:

I'm not sure if I misread your schedule, but do you gym every day? Following squat day with deadlifts is just evil. :D


And hurray more recruits!


Oh goodness no, haha ^_^ Bench was on Sunday and deadlift was (supposed to be) today.

Current program is cycling between squat/deadlift/bench day, so whatever day we gym next we go to the next "day" of it :) 

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Fun fact: I will post more if I play StarCraft :3


No gym today though :< Josh had an incident on the way home that shook him up a bit. I was supposed to have dinner with a friend but they, 'er, forgot :/ Normally this is something that would really upset me, but it's someone I trust enough to know it was either an honest mistake or something was wrong. Luckily it was not the later. This also meant instead of spending money on dinner I had leftovers, so budget bonus. And StarCraft bonus XD


So tomorrow will be work, stopping by the Drs, gym, then study!


Although to note I realized I've been hitting WaniKani daily and it's starting to habit form, so yay! I have another app called Lingo Deer, which is free and really cute, and I misclicked so now it's sending me notifications again, so I may occasionally poke that too. WaniKani is for kanji specifically, Lingo Deer is good in that audio is required so you get used to hearing it correctly.

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