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sylph preps for performance, part II


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My circus gym's student showcase is coming up at the end of January. (1/27)


Here are the various deadlines/milestones associated with the show (as per the gym owner).

  • 12/30 Music selected/act conceptualized (done)
  • 1/13 Costume complete (mostly done)
  • 1/22 Tech rehearsal
  • 1/26 Dress rehearsal
  • 1/27 Performance day!


Performance music: 



Super strength-based routine with some playing to the audience and a bit of braggadocio.



Goals of some kind will be added as I think of them... likely do do with getting my food intake back under control after all the holiday goodies and ensuring I get enough practice so as to not look like an idiot at the end of January.


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9 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

So excited for this!



9 hours ago, @mu said:

Awesome! Following up!

Welcome, again :)


7 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:


Hi there!


4 hours ago, millhavenslottie said:

Another silks person. Woo! Following.

Hey, welcome aboard.


3 hours ago, tei_ said:

So awesome, looking forward to seeing the routine/updates! (Are you able to post a video of the routine?)

If I ever run it through, I'll definitely be filming it (haven't made it beginning to end, quite yet. Nervous about that juuuuuust a little bit..). And either at dress rehearsal or performance night, I'll get someone to record it.


Previous performances are here if anyone is interested:











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8 hours ago, @mu said:

Really cool videos! The amount of progress is impressive on the second one, looking forward to see the 2018 one!



27 minutes ago, Mad Hatter said:

I remember both (man I'm old :P) and they're still super cool! You always have such impressive clean lines. And I still just love the sass in the intro of the second one. :) 

Hey, what does that say about me, then!? ;) How about, rather, we've just been friends for awhile?

That second performance was so much fun. The wig totally sold it for me.

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1 hour ago, Mad Hatter said:

Hahaha I can settle for that. ;) 


That wig was glorious.



21 minutes ago, tei_ said:

Those are so coool and made me want to learn silks :P 

Dooooo eeeeet! :D





Related somewhat to my own mental gymnastics over the last couple challenges, if any of you lovely people have any input to add, I'd love to hear it over here:


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First workout of the new year with some squats and other lower-body activities. (Shoulders and low back are still pretty toast from the hour+ of snow shoveling I did on Saturday)


Back to work tomorrow. Also, first day for my new boss, so that'll be interesting.

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11 hours ago, karinajean said:

hi! what is it about deadlines that make everything seem so much real? excited for your performance!

Right? A thing will be happening where other people expect something from me. 


10 hours ago, Cataleya said:

I thought I had followed this but apparently not! Following!

Welcome aboard, again :)

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On 1/2/2018 at 10:39 AM, raptron said:

Omg yay performance month! :D 

Yay! I'm going to attempt to get a full run-through of my routine tonight. We will see if I succeed or if I've set myself a challenging bar to meet.

On 1/2/2018 at 2:15 PM, lucky fire dragon said:

squeeeeeeee this is so exciting!!!



this!! It's looks so graceful and smooth, I'm mesmerized. Also your shoulder muscles :love-struck:

:) That performance was a LOT of fun.


1 hour ago, dancezwithkittehz said:

YAAAAAAAAAS performance time woot woot! Following as always and can't wait to see what you come up with!! <3

Hey welcome back!

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1 hour ago, sylph said:

Grr... I need to send my performance music to the show coordinator as an mp3 file. Apparently, using only my iPhone, this is impossible.


There should be a way to save a file as an mp3 through itunes on a computer but not sure if you can do it through the phone itself. I've had to do a lot of file shenanigans for shows so if there's any way I can help I am happy to!!

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21 hours ago, dancezwithkittehz said:


There should be a way to save a file as an mp3 through itunes on a computer but not sure if you can do it through the phone itself. I've had to do a lot of file shenanigans for shows so if there's any way I can help I am happy to!!

I know there is on a computer, but I'm trying to avoid synching my personal phone with my work laptop.




17 hours ago, Cataleya said:

Damn gurl those vids are impressive.

Thanks! :)

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