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Just call me cat, or kitten. Whatever :)  I don't really mind what you call me.


I did grade 4 piano and I do figure skating competitions. I don't need to loose any weight, I'm too young for that (and I burn everything with skating anyway), but I want to eat healthier and get stronger. And hopefully I can make som habits to keep as an adult. I also love computer programming, and all types of sci-fi (doctor who, Star Wars, etc....go Reylo!). I live in Wales.


So my main quest is to get stronger and eat healthier. 

My smaller, specific quests are:


Diet 1: Have a treat only once every two days after the main meal at night, as healthy a treat as possible.


Diet 2: Drink more. Drink lots of water and also milk. At least 7 glasses a day, or more if I'm skating.


Fitness: Complete the Star Wars Jedi workout each day (or vary it with another workout), and gradually increases to Master level where possible


Life: Turn lights and gadgets off at 9:10 pm on school night, 9:30 on weekends.


i have tried these before at different stages, but now I actually have a work out that is cool. Everyone wants to be a Jedi right? I will drink more if only I remember, I can set an alarm on my iPad. Eating less sugar I already am trying, with some success. And if I stop going on my role plays as much, or posting during the day, I should be able to stop. And just don't turn instergram on.


If I have done anything wrong, please say as it's my first time (well it is challange 1). Thanks! 

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4 hours ago, kittencat1503 said:

Fitness: Complete the Star Wars Jedi workout each day (or vary it with another workout), and gradually increases to Master level where possible


I've never heard of the Star Wars Jedi workout, but it sounds really fun! A toast to you - with a glass of water, of course. :applouse:

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Welcome to the rebellion! I look forward to watching your reach your goals!

Few questions...do you have a list of what a 'healthy' treat consists of? Do you have an easy way to track how much water you're consuming? If you're skating that sounds as if it would be quite aerobic and thus could cause dehydration if you're not careful. I have a water bottle that I drink a minimum number of every day, and when I'm kickboxing I add one more 'fill up' to that to drink while I'm working out...it's the first thing I fill up when I get to work so it's in front of me and easy to remember I have to finish it.

The more specific you are about some things the easier it is to stick to them, less room for error. 


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Hey @kittencat1503! I think pretty much all of us want to be Jedi indeed!  :D




That's so cool that you do figure skating! How many days a week do you practice?


And I'm with you on turning screens off sooner - trust me, plenty of us adults struggle with that too!


Following along to watch you achieve your goals!

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