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Scaly Freak

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On 2/1/2018 at 11:17 PM, scalyfreak said:

I have figured out what is going on.


In the past, whenever I have attempted to do battle against the disgusting demon twins, it goes very well for a while. Then, after about a month and a half something happens  in the world around me that interrupts my momentum, and all good habits temporarily go out the window. I get back up, dust myself off, and keep going. Then something happens in the world around me a second time. I get back up, slower this time, dust myself up, and keep going but with less energy.


Then something happens a third time. And this time it is too much effort to get back up and I say "screw this" to myself and stop trying.

You might possibly theoretically be my long-lost twin baby sister. Just sayin'. This ^ is a painfully accurate description of my process. 



On 2/1/2018 at 11:17 PM, scalyfreak said:

Plus, crawling gives me a tactical advantage for ankle biting and foot stabbing, so it totally counts as success. (Also gives me an excuse to hold on to the dessert fork.)




12 hours ago, scalyfreak said:


I want to say the meat knife, because that will be the sharpest, but the curved tip of the fish knife is really calling to me... :) 

I'm a fish-knife girl myself, an edged weapon should IMO always carry both a stabby and a slashy option :) 

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“To see that your life is a story while you're in the middle of living it may be a help to living it well."

-Ursula K. Le Guin

2022 Challenges: Push, Core, SimplePooh, Timebox, NaNoWriMo

2023 Challenges: 20SOC, Travel, Battery




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On 2/2/2018 at 10:17 PM, scalyfreak said:

Which book is that? The screenshot is absolutely spot on, so now I'm interested in the book.



This is the book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24693651-organize-tomorrow-today


It goes through 8 methods to improve productivity and what not; but suggests you only pick 1 or 2 of them that most apply to you to focus on mastering.  The one I picked was "win your fight-thrus" which is somewhat summarized in the image I posted above.


The most important part of winning fight-thrus, he says, is recognizing when you are in a situation you need to fight thru. It's a constant struggle for me and I'm really working on it! It's a focus of my 2018 battle log to "Get comfortable with the uncomfortable" which is a way of saying the same thing as "win your fight-thrus".

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Jǫrð, Delvian Nomad - Level 12 { Battle Log }

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Lots of things happened to make this challenge crash like a lead balloon filled with a ton of bricks, right towards the end. Or more specifically, things that are outside of my control, that have a huge impact on my life, are changing. And of course all of them at once. All I can do is hang on for the ride and learn from it. While stressing so far the fuck out that my gastritis, my eczema, and my insomnia, all have returned and are throwing a big welcome home party for each other.


And then I hurt my knee, which really is interfering with my ability to do squats.


But I was doing well until all the big changes happened at once, so I am not out yet. I need to refocus, and I will start by making the next challenge a much, much simpler one.




The dust settles. A flock of birds take flight and streak across the sky. The sun sets. A light breeze ruffles the hair of a barely conscious warrior prone on the ground. And various other cliches that fit situations like these.


On her fourth try Scalyfreak manages to get back up on her feet, thanks in large part to leaning on her shield. She continues to lean on it as she repeatedly tries, and eventually succeeds, to yank an arrow out from just beside her knee cap.


Feeling vaguely grateful that the evil demon twins are off celebrating somewhere, Scalyfreak dusts herself off, wipes the blood off her armor, and sheathes her sword.


Stars and damned garters…! Respawning sucks.

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The Great Reading Thread of 2023

“I've always believed that failure is non-existent. What is failure? You go to the end of the season, then you lose the Super Bowl. Is that failing? To most people, maybe. But when you're picking apart why you failed, and now you're learning from that, then is that really failing? I don't think so." - Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020. Rest in peace, great warrior.

Personal Challenges, a.k.a.The Saga of Scalyfreak: Tutorial; Ch 1; Ch 2; Ch 3; Ch 4; Ch 5; Ch 6; Intermission; Intermission II; Ch 7; Ch 8; Ch 9; Ch 10; Ch 11; Ch 12 ; Ch 13; Ch 14Ch 15; Ch 16; Ch 17; Intermission IIICh 18; Ch 19; Ch 20; Ch 21; Ch 22; Ch 23; Ch 24; Ch 25; Intermission IV; Ch 26; Ch 27; Ch 28; Ch 29; Ch 30; Ch 31; Ch 32; Ch 33; Ch 34; Ch 35; Ch 36; Ch 37; Ch 38; Ch 39; Ch 40; Intermission V; Ch 41; Ch 42; Ch 43

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