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Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

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16 hours ago, Rebel Pilot Gar said:

I just popped into the PVP subforum and discovered this thread. Dunno if I would have signed up if not for seeing that you've also just started the journey to Mordor. So thanks for the inspiration, let's see how far we get :)


Sounds good to me, we can meet at the Green Dragon and head out from there. 



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the Castle of Durthang doesn't get a lot of coverage in the book;

but meeting up with a crowd of orcs from this fortress on a road is one of frodo/sam's big trials.  In morgul gear they were assumed to be foot soldiers and pushed far beyond their limits.  



I find the sparse text and the bleak description of their latter journey inspiring.  often we are capable of so much more than we think we can do.


this is my last update; until the moment when the quest is furfilled and the ring and frodo's finger finds its doom.


I'm satisfied that the 7ish mile per day pace will bring the ring to its destruction by the End of the summer....  as for what then; lets not hasten the trip.  its been quite the adventure!  welcome to all that are now on the journey; I see even more hobbits are on the road.  you Can do it!




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YAY I did it!



JULY 25, 2018!

from walking the Bleak winter woodlands at night, to a dedicated hiking training program (as much as I could squeeze into a middle aged modern lifestyle) and by Long hiking challenges -most notably in my attempt to Hike 100miles in 48 hours....

all of these were put together; measured and recorded by my faithful Polar pedometer.


and this was all measured against an epic challenge;  from the Start of 2018- to by the end of the year, to duplicate the lengthy fictional voyages of Frodo the hobbit and to walk 1779 miles to destroy the "one ring"


and it is Done Today-Yay!


and it didn't even take the whole Year!  in fact, I've seen it done before the end of the summer and might get back mostways to shire by 2019.


I'm happy as a took visiting the Green dragon Inn, I am !

.... Here's to the new King ARagorn and the downfall of a mighty evil!!


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Oh yeah. and Excuse me.

but I swoon as the volcano goes crazy around me and nearly suffocates me in Sulfuric acid fumes.


those Where-were-they-when-it-mattered birds are going to kindly safe our lives.


no, I'm grateful in all... but WHY couldn't they have more available earlier?


don't they realize how much EASIER they might have made the last many miles!?? Ha!  well explored plot hole of frodos,etc fictional voyage.


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