Thinking seriously about taking hubs and the cats and skedaddling for places distant. Picking up and moving 2,000 miles to get to better weather, better environs, and somewhere we actually want to live, rather than just where our families deposited us into adulthood.   Current worries:
Selling the house (and order of operations around this--sell, and short term rent here? Short term rent there? Make lots of trips there to find a good place to live? Sell from long-distance? Ugh.) Upheaving three cats (one of whom is getting toward elderly) Finding the right neighborhood in the new place Dealing with the unknown daily hassles (car inspections or city taxes or whatever it is that a long-term resident would take for granted and I'd have no idea to even think about) Getting re-settled in a new place (doctors and grocery stores and bank branches and all that jazz) Deciding it was a terrible mistake and wanting to return in a year or eighteen months   So, if you've done it, or something similar, I'd love to hear how you dealt with the above (or didn't) and what you wish you'd known before embarking on such an endeavor. This is totally an underpants collection exercise, but a valuable one, I think. I want to do this, but I'm also vaguely terrified to take the plunge.