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Tateman and the battle to avoid surgery


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More business today. Hadn't walked yet. I needed to be home to sign for packages. Also, no 100% for me this week. Went to bed at 12:50 am. My older son was out here, and we were looking up things in New York, and viewing them with google maps street view. Next thing I knew, it was way late haha. That's ok though.




Yesterday was ok. Had an appointment early, so no walk was done. Later had bowling. I only bowled well one game. The other two were bad for me.


Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

MFP Food Diary.  1868 Calories, 11 net carbs. No real complaints on food.  Had a cobb salad, and a lettuce wrapped cheeseburger from The Habit. It was damn good, but added up in the calories department. 


Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode

None done


Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird


12:50 am to 7:38 am. No point for this. Sleeping wise, it was ok, till the morning when my wife was getting ready for work.


Goal#4:  Blog all the things

"A Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 29" blogged, and my post here was done.



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 Dude. Your doing great.


i was poking around on your blog. I read the one about the Krispy creme doughnuts and how you didn’t eat any! That’s impressive and exciting. 


Thats the best feeling when your finally got over that “HAVE TO HAVE” craves. It’s an awesome accomplishment! Well done!

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"One should eat to live, not live to eat." -Molaire-

"People always forget their hangover" -My dear ol' dad

"People are born to live, while some are born to evolve." 

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23 hours ago, Butternut said:

 Dude. Your doing great.


i was poking around on your blog. I read the one about the Krispy creme doughnuts and how you didn’t eat any! That’s impressive and exciting. 


Thats the best feeling when your finally got over that “HAVE TO HAVE” craves. It’s an awesome accomplishment! Well done!

Thanks :) I do like it when I can mentally avoid all the temptations around. There are some Chocolate chip cookies that look pretty good. Just not for me right now ;) 

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Today was EX raid day for me. Got a shiny new Mewtwo in Pokemon Go :) Otherwise, not much else went on. I did get in a walk this morning. It's late, so on to teh summary for Tuesday


Tuesday Summary



Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

MFP Food Diary.  1541 Calories, 12 net carbs


Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode


Went for a walk at night, and the phone crashed part way through. So I have two walking exercises on endomondo. Not quite the whole graph, since I was still walking while trying to get things back running.



Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird


12:29 am to 8:15 am. Not bad on the sleep, just the rougher morning still.


Goal#4:  Blog all the things

Posted here, and on my blog "My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 30"



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GRRRRR my damn phone keeps crashing!


So today, I didn't feel like doing squat. It felt like a day to stay in bed, then go eat chocolate chip cookies while I do nothing on the computer.


Luckily, I'm not ready to give in to that :)


So obviously, I did not walk this morning. Instead I stayed in bed and read reddit and instagram on my phone. Eventually rolling out of bed. Do dishes, don't feel like it. Clean cat boxes, nope. start cleaning up my pc area, hahaha no. OK, OK, cook some chicken breast to eat later, hmm no. I just wanted to play games. So I did.

My kid is out early today from school, so before I went to get him, I did the dishes. Didn't do the other stuff, but at least that was one thing.


Later I get to bowling, and am just not doing well enough. 176 the first game and 171 the second. Finally in the 3rd game I get things going and bowl 235. Lanes were weird, and I was just not getting into my grove.


I got home, and decided no walk today. That means I have to walk the next 3 days in a row to get my goal. Which probably means I would find a reason to not walk one of those days.


As I was preparing my Wednesday summary post, the little voice in my head started to try nudging me to walk. "come on man, it's like 9:20. We can get out there for a short walk, and be home fore 10" Then it started swirling around in my brain, building momentum. Fat brain me was trying to deny it "Oh, I'd have to put my shoes back on!" Then I just did it. On with the shoes, grab the stuff. Get out there and walk. Of course mid walk my phone crashes again, but oh well. It was a shorted walk, but I did get out there tonight. So at least I finish the day on a positive :)


Wednesday wrap up


Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

MFP Food Diary. 1575 Calories, 17 net carbs. A bit higher carbs, but under 20.


Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode


Phone didn't crash during this one! haha.  2.43 miles, 45 minutes. Morning walk. It's kind nice seeing all the people out at the park


Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird


12:26 am to 8:23 am. A bit of waking up. It was long enough to recall too :( 


Goal#4:  Blog all the things

Posted late, got posted :) Here and my Blog "My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 31"


Tomorrow, I hope I feel more in the mood to do things. I have a new Casper Mattress coming on Saturday. Tomorrow, I need to get in a walk (even a short one) in the morning. Then I need to get recycle stuff out, clean the cat boxes, and get my pc area cleaned up. It sounds like so much stuff, but I would feel really great getting it all done ;)




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Whew, I am tired today :)


Wife called this morning to let me know someone hit the car while she was dropping my son off at school. Didn't seem too major. She and my son were parked, and some guy tried to park in front of her. She said there was a huge area, so she has no idea how he hit her. It looked like his tire/hubcap area scraped the front bumper area of my car. My wife wasn't sure if the light was moved. She said she took plenty of pictures, and got his information. Of course, his insurance card he had was expired in 2014. He says he has current, but who knows. Then as she is talking to me, I hear him say "So do you think we can make some kind of deal?" My wife told him she will contact the insurance place, and go from there.


Otherwise, things have been going well today. I haven't gotten everything done that I wanted, but I did get a good portion done. Feeling pretty good there. Reset my phone to factory settings, and setting it up like a new phone. So far no crashing, but I haven't loaded up all the apps yet. I'll be pruning some of those I believe.


Today, there is a slight lazy me hanging around, but Active me is kicking his ass today.


Thursday recap


You can see in my previous post, all the stuff running in my head yesterday.


Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

MFP Food Diary. 1494 Calories, and 14 net carbs. A pretty lazy day, but I kept my numbers about where I wanted them.



Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode


Phone crashed during my walk. I got home, and didn't want to walk, but the active me took over, and got it done. Short walk, but a walk. :)


Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird


12:44 am to 8:02 am. Sleep was garbage again. Had some trouble getting to sleep, then it was impossible to stay asleep with my wife getting ready, and not being able to get comfortable anymore. One more night in this bed, then the Casper mattress gets delivered tomorrow!


Goal#4:  Blog all the things

I did post here, and my blog "My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 32"


So, a little crazy to start the weekend. Only a couple of days left on the challenge. Time is flying by! 

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Well, I am going to not have a walk in today. Not because I am feeling lazy or anything. I'm just tired. We just got back from a hockey game, and I am eating really late. We got in our new Casper mattress today. Hopefully, tonight we will sleep oh so good. I hope! Challenge is almost over. I've started to think of what to do next time. Most likely, I will stick pretty close to what I did this time. It is working for me ;)


Found out my nephew was in an car accident last night, and was about to go into surgery a couple of hours ago. He broke his leg, but that seems to be all the injuries.


Friday recap


Got quite a bit done yesterday. Even got in a decent walk. :)


Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

MFP Food Diary.  1766 Calories, 10 net carbs. Had a Pastrami "sandwich" from Togo's. They put it in a bowl for me since I told them I would throw away the bread anyway ;)


Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode


2.2 miles 37 minutes. It was a nice morning walk. The weather here has been excellent. And hey, no phone crash this time.


Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird

Normally, I have a sleep graph here from Fitbit, but I forgot to wear it to bed. I put it on the charger while I read, and forgot it there till I woke up. 12:30ish to bed, and I was up at 8 am because I set my alarm to get up early. Last night on the old mattress was like usual. Tossed and turned a bit, and woke up in the morning sore.


Goal#4:  Blog all the things

I did get in some posting here, and on my blog "My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 33"


Last day of the challenge tomorrow. I'll take my "official measurements, and pictures" on Monday the 5th. Then get a summary in. I think until the next challenge is up, I might just keep posting here.



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Well, it's just about time to end the challenge. I'll got ahead and combine this as a weekend summary :)


Saturday went pretty well. My son had bowling, then we got him a bowling ball of his own. When we got home, it was just before the Caper delivery. So we got a new mattress. Found out my Nephew was in a car accident, and broke his leg. He had surgery to correct it, and I think will be getting out tomorrow. We also went to a hockey game.


Sunday is Superbowl day. Overall a pretty lazy day. I did raid in World of Warcraft. Took down some of the Christmas lights outside, and went out for a walk.


Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

Sat. - MFP Food Diary.  1245 Calories, 10 net carbs. Had a late dinner because of the hockey game, and it felt like so much food haha.

Sun. - MFP Food Diary. (just completed) 1709 Calories, 3 net carbs. Chicken breats, meatballs, pork rinds and a little smoked Gouda cheese on the day.



Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode

Sat. - No walking done.



2.34 miles, 40 minutes. I decided to give myself a little test tonight. The last 250 or so feet, I tried to run back home. Not any 100% sprint or anything. I just wanted to see if it is possible, and it was :)



Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird



First night on the new mattress. Of course, I get my second sleeping ding this week. Did not go to bed until 1 am. woke up at 7:54  am. This time, not because I was too sore, but there was too much noise going on. Once the brain was awake, there was no going back to sleep. New mattress felt pretty nice. No real complaints yet.


Sunday, I didn't sleep yet. I am tired though, so I plan on getting to bed on time.



Goal#4:  Blog all the things

Saturday and Sunday I have posted here, and at my blog Tateland.com Will be posting there shortly for today.


Tomorrow, I will get up and take final challenge measurements. Plus pictures. Then it will be a time for a summary post to wrap up the challenge. Hope everyone did well this challenge, and at the very least, learned from anything that failed.



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A real quick week 5 wrap up, then challenge wrap up.


Week 5

Only lost half a pound this week. 


Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on - 1 point for each day of tracking. 1 point for staying under 20 net carbs 

1/29 - 1868 Calories, 11 net carbs - 2 points

1/30 - 1541 Calories, 12 net carbs - 2 points

1/31 - 1575 Calories, 17 net carbs - 2 points

2/01 - 1494 Calories, 14 net carbs - 2 points

2/02 - 1766 Calories, 10 net carbs - 2 points

2/03 - 1245 Calories, 10 net carbs - 2 points

2/04 - 1709 Calories, 3 net carbs - 2 points


14/14 points


Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode -  1 point per day of walking


1/29 - None

1/30 - (phone crashed) 0.71 + 1.39 miles. Plus a little for while I was dealing with the phone.

1/31 - 2.43 miles. 45 minutes

2/01 - (phone crashed) 0.38 + 0.76 Miles. Plus a little for while I was dealing with the phone.

2/02 - 2.22 miles, 37 minutes

2/03 - None

2/04 - 2.34 miles, 40 minutes


The last week was the best week. Hit my 6,000 step goal 5/7 days. 


5/5 points


Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird - 1 point for getting into bed by 12:30 pm.



One night I forgot my watch, so it didn't track of course. I stayed up late on the 30th, and the 4th. So no point those days.


5/7 points


Goal#4:  Blog all the things - 1 point for each day I blog, 1 point for posting here

I blogged, and posted here each day.


14/14 points


38/40 points. 95 % :)


Challenge post coming soon...


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Time for the old Challenge wrap up!


Well, overall I have to say that this challenge worked well for me. It was my first one in a long time, and it was great to be back around.


186.5/194 total points. 96% overall this challenge.


This challenge did have it's ups and downs for me emotionally. Even with a positive start to the new year, I still feel disappointed a bit, that I didn't have more progress. I just have to remind myself that this is a journey, and it isn't going to be super fast.


Over the course of the challenge, I had a total of 22 pounds lost.


I really can't be too disappointed there, yet my brain thinks it should have been more. haha


Overall body measurements:

Measurements Start/Finish:

Weight:  367.6lbs / 345.6 lbs - 22lbs lost

Neck:  19.68 in / 19.68 in - no change

Chest:  55.90 in / 54.72 in - 1.18 inches lost

Waist at bell button:  61.41 in / 59.84 in - 1.57 inches lost

Bicep (L):  17.91 in / 16.37 in - 1.53 inches lost

Bicep (R):  16.92 in / 16.33 in - 0.59 inches lost

Forearm (L):  13.89 in / 13.34 in - 0.55 inches lost

Forearm (R):  13.89 in / 13.58 in - 0.31 inches lost

Thigh (L):  30.31 in / 29.44 in - 0.86 inches lost

Thigh (R):  28.89 in / 28.30 in - 0.59 inches lost


All losses (except neck). Still my brain thinks it should have been more.


This though, is one of the biggest gains for me. Even my brain can't put a negative spin on this.

Here is a list of all the medicine I was taking on January 1st.


1 - 10MG Glipizide


1 - Bayer low dose

1 - 40MG Atorvastatin

1 - 2.5MG Lisinopril

2 - 500MG Metformin


Everyday. So as the challenge started going, my blood sugar numbers started to decrease. I would test twice a day. Before breakfast, then at least 2 hours after dinner. Around the 5th of January, my numbers stayed below 100. Then the 6th and 7th, they started dipping into low blood sugar territory. I saw this happen before in the past when I would play around with Keto eating. Usually I would freak out, and eat tons of garbage to get my sugar levels back up. This time, I emailed my doctor. I was committed to eating in the keto way this time. She said my numbers were too low. on the 10th, they were 68 and 43. She had me reduce down to one Metformin pill.

I did get a 102 blood sugar the next morning, but the rest came in low still. The night of the 15th, she said to stop taking all the diabetes medicine, and come in for blood work asap.


It took my a couple of days, but I did get in for blood work. Now, when she said to stop the medicine, I did. I stopped everything. In the past, I got off the metformin, but continued some of the other stuff. When the bloodwork came back, everything looked fine as far as I could tell. My doctor never did email me back, so I have continued on.

No medicine, and my numbers have pretty much been in the 80's since I got off them.


I do think I will email my doctor back with current numbers and see what she says. Otherwise, I just will look forward to see what my numbers will be in a few more months.


Now how did I do with my challenge goals, and what can I do to improve them

Goal#1:  Down with the Carbs/Sugar demon, and Keto on

In the past, I had played with keto. This time, I stuck with it. I think it has been great so far. I mostly stayed pretty basic the whole time. I think I ate enough salad greens to cover a rain forest. All in all, a great experience. I believe I will continue this on into the next challenge. I will have one day next challenge, that I will probably break my Keto streak. March 10th, I have a party to go to at my wife's work. I forget what they are celebrating, but it is circus themed, which means some kind of dress up. I'm sure there will be open bar, and lots of goodies to snack on. I could try to resist all the things, but instead I think I will use this as a learning tool for me. Let myself have that part of the day, then get right back in it. It can be like early training for my New York trip at the end of March ;)


I think for next challenge, I am going to incorporate more IF into my eating. I've done it off and on, and I think it may be time to get back on. I just have to decide my fasting/eating windows that will work for me.


Goal#2:  Exercise beginner mode

It has been really good to get out for my walks. Especially days that I didn't want to do it. I did struggle a little some weeks with walking x number of days. 

I do think this will come back for next challenge as well. Though I am undecided as to what format. I might continue on with going for a walk each day for 5 days, then ramp up higher as need be. I also thought that maybe I concentrate on getting in my goal steps each day. Then I can ramp that up as needed. Go from 6000 steps to 10000 by the end of the challenge?


Steps for this challenge. Now to try to beat it next challenge period!


Goal#3:  The night Owl must become the early bird

Sleep shall return next challenge as well. I mostly did ok this challenge with sleep. It is still, way too easy for me to slip into late night more though. I have enjoyed reading before headign to bed, and I have plenty of books left to read still. ;) I am considering moving my sleep time to midnight this challenge instead of 12:30. 


Goal#4:  Blog all the things

I think I did well here. I don't know if this will return next challenge, or if I will just do it anyway. I have enjoyed finally using my website for something. It has also helped me to keep updating here. Again though, I think I can just do that for myself next time. I'm not sure what I might have for my misc goal next challenge.



So there we have it. Brain wants to feel disappointed that it wasn't more. There just is too much good stuff happening though. Now I need to continue. I need to get a new post up asap. Otherwise I will just keep posting here haha.



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