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Raptron: Business as Usual

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17 hours ago, CourtnieMarie said:

i hope your ankle gets better soooooon. the low impact cardioish intervals i found myself doing with bad ankle were high knees (lifting the knee in a controlled manner as high as possible and as fast as possible without actually jumping on you ankle), straight leg "walks" (where you lift your leg straight out and bring your opposite hand around to touch your toes in an exaggerated arc), fast and easy incline pushups, fast and easy dips, and then ab stuff like flutter kicks or supermans. not awesome for getting the heart rate up but better than nothing?


GL at squats tonight!

Yeah, some kind of quick moving circuit would work pretty well. 


3 hours ago, doctorake said:

Late Happy Birthday!

Thank you!


Day 5.1

I could squat yesterday! I don't have COMPLETE range of motion because I was being a bit careful and too much dorsiflexion does still hurt a little bit, but squats were fine.



Gymnastics: 0 vault, 4 beam, 3 floor, 5 bars

Intervals: 6/10


I forgot my gym bag today /eyeroll. Maybe I'll try to do a circuit thing at home and just do the deads and ohp workout tomorrow. 

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6 minutes ago, raptron said:

I forgot my gym bag today /eyeroll. Maybe I'll try to do a circuit thing at home and just do the deads and ohp workout tomorrow. 

but SQUATS yesterday! and 10s squats at that

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I totally dropped the update ball, huh?


Day 5.2 and Day 5.3

Unexpected rest days -- forgot my clothes on Tuesday and then took Wednesday as an extra rest day because I was working from home and had ZERO INERTIA to get to the gym. Whoops. MONSTER HUNTER WORLD GOOO.

Day 5.4

Quick HIIT workout during work hours/lunch time: 5 minute rowing warm-up, 5 minutes of jumping rope, 1 tabata of 45# kettlebell swings, and then EMOM 10 burpees for 10 minutes which was unexpectedly hard AF. 


After work, I went to dinner at a coworker's and we played games and ate pizza and homemade ice cream. 


Day 5.5

First day of 5s! 


Solid workout, felt really nice after 10s for soooo long. Friday night, I stayed in and played some Monster Hunter, but went to bed at a reasonable-ish time for Saturday morning practice.


Gymnastics: 0 vault, 4 beam, 3 floor, 5 bars

Intervals: 7/10


Day 5.6

Gymnastics practice was just pretty exploratory. Most things feel fine on the ankle except for 1) single foot landings on the injured side and 2) hard impact tumbling. With those options off the table, I did some dance on floor as well as walkovers and some other tests as to what would and wouldn't hurt.


My practice on uneven bars actually was pretty good -- my free-hips out of my uprise are actually looking a little promising. I want to work on trying to flyaway right out of the free hip instead of coming back to the bar for a kip + flyaway because 1) it looks cooler and 2) could save me a lot of deductions as I almost always pause on the bar before dismounting and that kip is... questionable sometimes, haha. My hands were completely killing me though, so I didn't stay on bars for too, too long.


Some beam basics finished off the practice before ab and hip conditioning (but not cardio conditioning to count toward my goal). My teammate also looked at my left shoulder briefly, which has been bothering me. She noticed that scapula is funky and doesn't seem to glide right and suggested my lower trap was weak and gave me some PT exercises to try out. I'll be doing those as a first step to see if that helps and maybe also getting a massage or four focused on that area because the entire scapula girdle/spine area is just... knots. Which could be aggravating it or causing it or caused by it.... really anything, haha. But it seems like a good conservative approach to start out. 


Post-practice, I played some games and then met up with friends for house hangs with card games. The night ended pretty early (for meee), so I was in bed before 2! 


Gymnastics: 0 vault, 5 beam, 3 floor, 6 bars

Intervals: 7/10


Day 5.7

Because I was in bed early, I actually went to the gym on a Sunday! 


I was too lazy to unload the 45s for the last 2 sets of deadlifts, so they were 225 instead of the prescribed 215. Whether or not I hinge or squat the bar up is 50/50 at this point, but that's 50% better than it was before.


Finished up with 2 tabata of these mountain climbers (with your feet against the wall instead of the floor, much harder!) mixed with jump squats. But had to hustle because I was meeting up with a friend for late brunch (aka 2pm lunch, hahah). Picked up some last minute stuff for Super Sunday, did laundry, did some dishes, and made buffalo wings and french fries, and stayed in for the game. SUCH PRODUCTIVITY.


Unfortunately, by the time it was over, I was tiiired so no video gaming for me. /sob. 


Gymnastics: 0 vault, 5 beam, 3 floor, 6 bars

Intervals: 8/10



SO, THIS WAS A WEIRD CHALLENGE, EH? I dropped a goal because it was no longer relevant, sprained an ankle which greatly hindered my ability to finish my gymnastics goals, and had a bit of a slower month with regards to workouts in general. However, my month still had plenty of lifting in it, a decent amount of gymnastics practices even if I couldn't get as many attempts on the events as I wanted. Vaulting will probably still have to wait until after the next meet (February 24) because even when my ankle feels okay enough to tumble, I probably won't want to push it with the FULL ON impact of vaulting. 

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18 hours ago, CourtnieMarie said:

LIFTING ON A SUNDAY?! what is this sorcery?? haaa i could've used a push to go to the gym on sunday. i had so much time since the game was so late.



New challenge:


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