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Challenge Wrap-up


Overall I'd give it a B. 


Having a fun project to work on has been great. I'm still enjoying the Yarnia knit-along challenge. I was relieved to get a message this week that the author has been sick and chapter 6 will be released a week late. I am still knitting chapter 4. Lots of other people on the Ravelry discussion thread expressed the same feeling, along with get-well wishes for the author. Taking 15 minutes to knit a couple rows helps me calm down and relax before facing the next thing I need to do. Following the charted patterns takes a fair bit of concentration. That keeps my brain from dwelling on anything else. I can't do it if I'm too tired or too much is going on. Watching the patterns emerge and the scarf grow is highly gratifying.


My time management has been about as good as it ever gets. I've stayed up late a couple times because I was stressed and wanted more relaxation time. Most of the times I stayed up late were because my family needed me. Work has been just as busy as I anticipated. Our new people are really sharp and making good progress on their training. I'm looking forward to them starting to do actual work by the end of next week. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.


Keeping all the balls in the air - mixed. I've been good about exercising or at least taking a break at lunch. I miss having an exercise room in the same building. I've gotten over the mental hurdle of driving a block to the closest building with an exercise room. Getting an extra 5 minutes to exercise makes up for the guilt of such a short drive. Once the weather gets nice I'll just walk. Doing a mix of yoga and bodyweight exercise seems to be okay. My knees have been fair to moderate on the cranky scale. I happy to find myself looking forward to doing the longer yoga routines on the weekend.


I dialed back on aikido for a couple weeks to cope with work and get things done at home. I did indeed get things done at work and beat back the dreaded tasks at home. Unfortunately it came at a price of me feeling sluggish and out of shape at aikido. Normally aikido does not feel like much exercise to me. Clearly that is because I do it all the time. I felt stiff and slow after a week off. Good thing for me that we have a beginner class going now. I can move slowly to be a good example. :P  One of my goals for the next challenge will be to do more aikido.


I got back on track with writing in my log notebook. Reporting here was spotty. I usually post during breaks at work and those were few and far between. You would think I would have time on weekends, but no. I kept working through my to-do list on the weekend and never got to the point of doing any of the optional things.


I was hoping that having more fun and getting more sleep would help with me not eating all the things and losing some weight. Not so much. I ended the challenge 2 pounds heavier than I started. Grrrrrrr. I would like to lose ~8 pounds to get to my preferred weight. I cut way back on treats at work and snacking in general. I also cut back on caffeine again. All those things probably helped, but not enough. I was whining to Dumbledore about this and he said "eat less ganache". Hell no. If I can't eat chocolate I'm not going to be part of your revolution. I'm drinking more tea to help avoid coffee and chocolate. Tazo cocoa mint mate and Stash chocolate hazelnut decaf are both good. I was sticking to intermittent fasting times while gaining weight. I might do IF just because it fits my schedule, but I don't think it makes a difference for me on its own. Avoiding treats and stress eating at work will be my main focus. I'm going to keep making killer desserts at home. That makes it easy for me to say no to treats at work when I have something better at home.


We shall see.

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Time management choice for today. I realized that I was not going to have time to work out at lunch because of work commitments. I also know that I want to be at the dojo on Saturday because sensei will be there. I promised to be at the dojo on Sunday for zen, so I might as well be there earlier for open mat. That lets me off the hook for aikido tonight.


So I stayed late at work to finish up most of my loose ends for the week and catch up here. Two areas of guilt put to rest!


This also means that I avoid rush hour traffic. I'm going to go grocery shopping on my way home, do yoga and then relax.


I'm experimenting with being flexible about eating. I had my usual breakfast of yogurt with fruit, protein powder and granola at work about 8. My boss brought in baked goods. I added a lemon poppyseed muffin. That made for a ton of calories in the morning. I wasn't hungry at lunch, so I just had an apple and a mandarin orange to keep me going through a two hour training session. I had my healthy lunch at 4:15. I think that will hold me for the rest of the day. I'm good with that.

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Level 63  Viking paladin

My current challenge   Battle log 

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