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dancezwithkittehz finds some normalcy

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On 2/4/2018 at 8:00 AM, @mu said:


ouch! :blink: I have a 2h30 commute every work day (walk / metro / bus / walk) and it is already very tiring. It's crazy. Can they clear the mudslide now? Looks like an extremely painstaking job :~



I'm not surprised :lol:  They could be a bit lenient at your job, it's a natural disaster, are they not taking it into account at all?


They cleared the slide from the freeway but a big chunk of Montecito is still mostly under mud, including a small freeway that people take as a back way to get up here so I think all of those people are now on the same freeway and it's reaaaaally backing up traffic. UGH. It is what it is and I imagine will get better eventually. There is a bridge out that they have to replace to reopen the other small freeway/back way and I'm not sure when that will happen. As for clearing up all of Montecito I think some of those areas might never be cleared. There was so much mud. It's crazy.


And yeah....the manager for my office probably doesn't care and would tell me not to worry about it, but my direct supervisor loves rules so and I try not to always go over her head on things. She (direct supervisor) at least seems to now understand why I keep being late and she hasn't said anything again about making up hours, so that's good I suppose! We'll see what she says when I submit time card for this time! I could probably just sleep my normal amount and come in really late, but I also really like to be here at 8am because the students and faculty mostly aren't here yet and it's a good time to get things done and prepare for the rest of the day.  I was out of office entirely for almost 2 weeks and they paid me for all that so all in all they've been working with me so I can't complain too much! (I'm filing this under reasons why I will not stay at this job once our manager retires/if my direct supervisor goes for her job. This won't be for years though!)


20 hours ago, Manarelle said:

Sorry to hear about the commute lengthening, that's pretty darn far from normal, imo. Glad you got the sleep you needed, though, even if it did make you late. Hopefully work was understanding, given the circumstances? 


Good luck with shark week, that's never fun. How'd the challenge overall feel for you?


Overall things went OK for the challenge. Life is slowly starting to feel more normal, so that's good! That was the goal!


I think it's just going to be a while until things really feel normal even once my schedule is back to normal. I think it's more I need to come to learn what my new normal is. I was already feeling like change was in the air for me towards the end of last year, like positive change, but I wasn't sure what exactly yet and then FIRE and MUD and so much loss here happened. I feel like...I need to like catch up on recovering from the bad before I can really start figuring out things. HMM.

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