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EveArgent's Sort of Return

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I have been gone. Things have happened. I no longer feel... connected.

I don't know where to start. Every time I challenge myself I never finish, and every time I don't make enough of a challenge, it feels pointless.

So I keep falling off the wagon of trying to get my shit together.




I know some things for sure need work. I need to stop sleeping so much. I need to get up in the morning, even when I don't have work. 

I need a routine. 

Days I work I'm up at 6:30, Days I don't work I can sleep until 5pm if I try really little. I tried to stop sleeping past 11, it was not a huge success. I have an alarm set to 10, I often ignore it. 

For a while I had a smart lightbulb that turned on in the morning, It seemed to help, but then it seemed to break. So...


1. Get up, Make Bed, Feed Cats, Dress, Food/Coffee/Pills, Brush teeth. ( 2/160)

(1 point per thing past get up, -1 point for every snooze past 2 snooze, no negatives, just to 0 ) Sure. 

This is going to be my routine goal. Every Day.

Alarm on Work days at 6:15am - Alarm on on work days at 9:30am - No More than 2 snooze.

Snooze goal alone seems hard enough....Fine 




2. Eat more fruits or veggies.  (2)

(+1 point/fruit serving, no limits)

I'm hoping by adding fruit I'll eat less crappy food. The ole' swapperoo. 

Blood testing says my cholesterol is high.. So. Motivation.




3.  Go to all my pole/aerials classes.  (0/130)

(10 points/class)

I pay for them. Stop being lazy and go buttface.  



4. Finish my grad school applications (Pass/Fail)

I don't really know how to points this. Just do or do not. 




Well, its a start.



Bonus Goal??? Something about... Saving up for a pole probably...



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