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Walking through Middle Earth (2018)

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Welcome to Fair Middle Earth, my fellow Hobbits!


should you accept the challenge - I urge to consider carrying the RING OF POWER through most of Middle Earth.  



Now the purpose here isn't just to wittily drop LOTR references (tho' that would be nice- who doesn't like a Great LOTR reference)?


but to revel in the challenge of walking ALL the way to Mordor in 2018.



.... I see there is nice little history to this challenge (https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/93325-walk-to-mordor-and-back-again-2017/)


congrats to all those that slogged along most of that way in 2017.

Lets start it again!


so anyways.  I myself would prefer something of a text based approach:  I shall check my distance and glory in my current destination...



PS  anyone that wants to help me with a spreadsheet is welcome.... I believe in the idea of helping each other! that's  the only way that 9 walkers got to Mordor, Minas Tireth, or even further walks into Southern Middle Earth...


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this shall be the source documents to indicate how far you are:

Since we are only 3 days into the month;

tookland is 5 miles from the "hill"


is there anybody to that point yet.  Let me check my map?


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apparently I darted out of town 3.14miles

... paced myself slowly for 5.80miles


and then hiked in the heavy brush for another 3.98miles


This is Good! 12.92miles...


"Frodo climbs the hills looking down upon the water. he old way of life seems to disapear in the broad forest.  We haven't reached Stock road yet.  on hills he's wandered all his life... he feels as a stranger; a sense of adventure and anxiety to the most familiar of places...."


so ... who then will join me on this great quest?  will frodo have companions this year?


(and forgive me for having TWO mythical tales taking place in middle earth. but a little observation shall reveal a very different type of middle earth in my personal account of Skip.)


this tale is the more serious and much longer voyage.   AFTER all its No easy walk to middle EArth. 

3405.5miles in 52 weeks?   = 65miles a week


:(  I don't think I'll make it (at this pace)... nonetheless. Maybe I can plead for a longer flight with the eagles.  After all on mile (ish) 1700.  I DO save the entire middle earth.

and hobbits are little...

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We can do that.  There is also a PvP Thread for 2018 here and an app here .  But, a little extra accountability never hurts.


Adding in my 4.03 miles from today I have reached Tookland and am 16.75 miles away from the Encounter with Black Rider (according to the App).


(crossposted from my answer in my own thread).

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the spreadsheet already corrects me a little

spreadsheets are SO much better than calculators




... 'why' Bker does the "Distance traveled to Date (2018)" show people with thousands of miles?

is it because they haven't reset it since 2017??


BTW... I'm pretty sure this will deleted; its repetitive

and I'm very happy to find a group of fellow travelers

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to any wandering mod/GL/etc


espacially when we get the other thread moved

this one will be redundant.


: sorry about that



feel free to erase it.  I have moved the content I wished to say to the correct thread

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not everyone resets at the beginning of the year, if they haven't made it they sometimes carry over from they ended last year.  I was close enough I just started over (came up around 300 or so miles short).


Last year's spreadsheet had a lot more features (I am guessing they will be added in again as we progress on this years)


Things like setting a goal distance or pace.  Where you wanted to reach by the end of the year.  What your total distance for the year to date was.  What your current daily pace was and what pace and distance you needed to reach your goal.  Here is the link to it if you want to check it out.

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I loved this challenge. I did it about a year and a half ago. I got a Middle Earth map and hung it up in my home, then I put pins up to track my progress there and back again. Good luck to any first timers!

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