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On 23/01/2018 at 10:50 AM, Aonghus said:

Week 5, Day 3 of the C25K program I'm on was completed last night. It actually felt pretty easy, all things considered. 

I am toying with the idea of just trying a 20 minute run tomorrow and seeing if I can manage it, but we'll see.

That's awesome! How are you going with the free-form runs? I've just started Week 6 and I still get tired after maybe 90 seconds of running. I try to do as many 90-sec bursts as I can, though!

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How did it go? I'm toying with the idea of doing c25k again but last time the shin splints caused me to quit before I got to week 3.

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Still getting over being sick, so I won't be doing a challenge this month.

I had been doing well last month up until the plague visited my house.


I am going to hit the gym today and try a run. Just take it easy and see how it goes. I did go for a short hike, yesterday, which was nice.

Continuing to try and pay attention to what I eat.

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Well, it was an intense few months and I disappeared for a bit.
I got what I thought was a bad cold but turned out to be the flu. Shortly after that I got, what my doctor termed as 'One of the worst Strep infections I have ever seen. Seriously, it is bad in there. Really bad.'

(This was after two weeks of trying to wait it out and barely being able to swallow.)

Right after I got put on antibiotics that just wrecked my system I felt a lot better, but I also got laid off from my job. 


While I have had other things going on, though, I did manage to maintain my lower weight. 
And, in good news...


I got an AMAZING new job at the local University. My wife works here, too, though in a different department. So it's great for commuting etc.

But one of the best parts is that my office is right next to the gym. I can walk to the gym from my office in about 145 seconds. It's brilliant.
So I can happily go to the gym on my lunch break each day, get a good work out and even shower afterwards and still be back to my desk in time.


Now, I have a persistent cough right now that I'm working on getting over so I just completely restarted the C25K rather than push my luck.
But I can do free weights or swim in the huge pool or play basketball or whatever.
this is a full University gym and rec centre. They have a climbing wall. The sky is the limit.
So, I am thrilled about that and I am thrilled that.

My aim is to do another monthly challenge closer to the middle/end of May, but we'll see how it all goes.

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Accountability post.

Did a bunch of upper body weight stuff.

Tomorrow will be elliptical and rowing machine.


As of the beginning of this week, 200.8 lbs, 35% fat and 32% muscle.


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