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Post Workout Fuel

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I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the nutrition section as it bridges both.  Let me know and I'll move it, if the nutrition section is best.


I am getting into a new lifting routine which places my session RIGHT before dinner.  As with everything, the internet is really split on the whole post workout routine thing.  I know that I need to have something protein and fast acting carb dense, perferably within 30 minutes of my session ending.  What I'm concerned with is WHAT I should include in my meal.  Which is where I'm leaning on my lovely nerd herd.


About me and my workout:

  • My food preference is paleo-ish (I eat rice, oats, occasionally snack on some less than paleo sugar snacks and eat soy sauce because coconut aminos are REALLY expensive)
  • My lifting regimen is a hypertrophy/powerlifting mix (I'm still focusing on building the big 3, but I'm also prepping for my wedding)
  • I am not trying to min/max to the extreme.  Generalizations are fine for me.  I am not breaking any world records or trying to do BIG athletic things, so I'm ok with things that are reasonable but maybe not "ideal". 
  • I live accross the street from my gym so it is absolutely possible for me to get home and have dinner within 30 minutes of finishing my workout


What I'm confused about:

  • The carb source that I usually go to for a post workout meal is basmati rice.  I'm getting wind that my rice might not be doing me any favors.  Is there THAT big of a difference between a whole grain rice and a sweet potatoe?  (p.s, i tried so hard, but I hate sweet potatoes)
  • I'm reading that fats are a no-no for post workout fuel.  But as a paleo subscriber, fats help me fight off hunger (which is a big deal for me).  So if I eat dinner as my post workout meal is it horrible if I eat fats to keep the hangery demons at bay?
  • And I guess what it all sums up to is, is it better for me to consume a post workout snack and then eat my actual dinner an hour later?



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 Nutrient timing is mostly overrated. I won’t say it has no effect but certainly less than what you total diet is or what your actual routine is. Do what psychologically helps you to give it your all in the gym and sticks to your overall diet plan. If I felt like I needed some quick carbs after a workout to feel ok I might eat a piece or fruit or drink some juice.  But don’t sweat it too much


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