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Greg T. Proclaimes "To mediocrity and beyond! 2018"

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1 hour ago, GregT. said:


I apparently hate my testes


Aww, be nice to the poor little things!





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  Sorry for not posting as I should it has just been tiring lol.

   On Tuesday I did a workout with my partner.  He came back.   It was a good lift.  More chest and back.  I was able to meet the same row numbers as Sunday but I was feeling it.  generally drained.  I must start getting to bed.  I truly believe that most of my energy issues are from lack of sleep.  I am only getting about 6 hours a night, and I think my activity level requires more than that.


   Wednesday was a rest day, and is sports day at work.  I was not in any of the matches so I went and did 1000m Swim.  That was all.  It felt good and I didn't feel exhausted when I completed it.  I think the lifting before hand really makes a difference as I saw my times shortened by over 2 mins on my first 500 where I sprint and by 1.30 on my second 500 where I concentrate on from.  


  I have been eating well, and all seems to be going ok.  I gained 4 lbs on my binge weekend.  I am coming down at about 1 lb per day now.  I don't know how much of it was ridicule, as I was not regular on my binge.  Anyway,  I am going to start tracking y weight daily, and waist measurements as well starting Sunday. it  Is part of the mini boss I am putting together.


Thanks for visiting.



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I weigh in daily and contrary to what you'd think it actually helps me forget about the daily fluctuations more. If I have a high weigh in, I am not wondering all week if I have been gaining behind the scenes, I can see that it's just a daily fluctuation. 

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