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I don't do New Year's resolutions

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But I do set goals, try to take each moment and day as a fresh start, and re-evaluate "things" often. 


Yesterday I tried doing a workout from an app that was tagged as "light" - think it was designed more for an athletic 20-something than a midlife mom with some chronic health conditions and a crazy schedule. Bottom line, I'm "feeling it" today (not in a good way) - I've noticed that this tends to happen to me when I try "light workouts" from unknown apps or programs, instead of sticking with what I know from NFA with the built-in modifications that don't leave me injured and sidelined. 


So, back in the saddle (again) - stick with what I know from NFA, bodyweight, circuit, and "clean enough" eating.  My tendency is to go too hard or too soft (person of extremes), so a challenge for me is to find the middle ground and learn how to maintain course (good Buddhist lesson in there). 


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