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Hi everyone, this is my first post so here is some stuff about me: I live in England with my husband and two boys, I'm a scientific editor and am both very overweight and very unfit. Like most people I've resolved to fix both these things frequently and failed, but am hoping that this time will be different. I really like the Nerd Fitness approach! At the beginning of January I started to follow a fairly low-carb eating plan (avoiding the d-word there), which turns out to be fairly palaeo-ish except that I include dairy, and I also started the C25K running programme. Hooray! However I now have extensor tendonitis in my left foot so I can't run (and also can't walk far without it hurting a lot). But this time I won't be derailed; I thought strength training sounded like a good option until I could start running again and discovered NF while doing some research. So here I am starting my first challenge - I realise there are only three weeks left but I didn't want to wait!


My 'big' goals are to lose weight, get healthier and stronger, and keep my house tidier, so my challenge goals all relate to those. I do have depression, so 'get healthier' includes making sure I take care of myself mentally as well. Here are my goals for this challenge:


1) Stick to low-carb (palaeoish) diet at least 6x days/week (ideally all)

2) Swim 1x week

3) Strength train (bodyweight circuits) 2x week

4) Use headspace for 10 mins at least 5 days per week

5) Take any clean clothes upstairs at bedtime every day (baby steps...)


Anyone else here from the UK?


Bye for now!

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Hi and Welcome to Nerd Fitness!


I've been around Nerd Fitness for a few years but this is my first challenge too. Your goals look achievable and they are very specific! 


Sorry about your foot, I hope it heals quickly.


I am also working on keeping my house cleaner and tidier. Baby steps are the best. Something is always better than nothing but no point over doing it or you won't do it at all (well I wouldn't...). 


I am also working on meditation. I use Insight Timer because it's free but last year I used Headspace and quite liked it. 


Good luck with your challenge!


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Hey Purplegirl,

Hope it's been a good Challenge so far. 


Sorry to hear about your foot injury.  I remember when I went down the Cardio route of weight loss (it worked while I was doing it, but then moved and let it slide), I pulled muscle in my calf so I couldn't run for few months.  They recommended I tried RPM/Spin classes if I wanted to keep up cardio, which I did, and absolutely loved the classes.


Not sure if you're looking for alternative, but I would definitely recommend them.  They're awful for the first few times, and then quickly addictive after that...in my experience anyway :flustered:


~ Barbs

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