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Howdy! Really glad I found NF! Cool themes and people for kicking ass and being awesome... dig it!


My personal 7+ week consistency challenge/elimination diet starts tomorrow! Calling it Colorado Jedi Training School. The challenge (besides the elimination diet which I am treating as basically as self-imposed medical treatment that takes a few weeks... alternative is always feeling like crap) is to do my healthy eating, meditation, cardio, bodyweight, and dance practices CONSISTENTLY for 7-8 weeks (length of the online dance course I'm doing). Anyway, got all my healthy food supplies today and am ready to go... Noticed I have been enjoying more junk food than usual the last couple days and feel like crap from that so only place to go is up :-) 


Do or do not...

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Hey there @JediGroove! I'm a little late to the party, but welcome to the Rebellion! How have things been going for you so far?


I'd love to hear more about your elimination diet - is it like for allergies? Are you trying to find an irritant?


And - what is this online dance practice?? I'm so intrigued!! I love to dance in theory, but I've never had any lessons!




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Hey skygirl! Nice to meet ya!


This elimination diet frankly is annoying right now :-) It's for figuring out non-allergic food intolerances/sensitivities. Pretty much the same reason that gluten is "evil" to so many people... There is a very real thing there. People know about dairy intolerance but the list of everything else that can cause any of a zillion reactions is staggering. I noticed I was always feeling like I had a cold or bad allergies, but there was no cold or even allergies. Realized it might be food, and making casual observations, I cut out wheat for a couple weeks and voila - feeling much better. So started paying attention to food and realized I was having reactions to things like tomatoes too. Allergist said yes - people can have intolerance to lots of food which may or may not go away. Someone might be sensitive to say cooked carrots but not raw. So the elimination diet is like a big long scientific study on yourself. Visited a nutritionist so I can do this safely. Went out for a business dinner meeting last night - really the only type of restaurant that had anything I could eat was sushi - and the only things I could eat on the menu were mixed greens or seaweed salad and sashimi. It was delicious, mind you, but sitting in front of all the other food that everyone else was eating was pretty much torture. I *know* this has an end. In a week I get to start adding back. I've realized how bad the symptoms have been by how committed I am to following through... cuz I'm NOT happy about this process at all.


Anyway sorry for the vent...


I do tribal fusion belly dance. There is a strictly american style of belly dance called ATS (based on very traditional - not flashy movie stuff - authentic middle eastern dance) that is all about improvising with a group (and making it look like a choreography), so it's taking that flavor and fusing it with pretty much anything (modern, flamenco, African, etc) and voila - tribal fusion. Very adaptable to all sorts of musical styles. Extremely good core and posture training. Check out Datura.com for online classes (what I am doing now) although they have other styles of belly dance and traditional eastern dances on there too... I highly recommend getting a teacher at first because if you learn the posture wrong, you WILL screw up your back. If the teacher does not seem to over-emphasize proper posture, get a different teacher. (My first teacher seemed more concerned about putting on a show than the actual mechanics - then I took a fairly advanced class, likely had a dormant back issue like nearly every human,  and have had serious back problems pretty much ever since.) Once you learn the proper technique though, you can pull off some pretty cool stuff!

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So I have teetered off the wagon but not fallen off. The elimination diet thing has consumed my brain and any willpower. (I've started making desserts - which I never eat - of peanut butter, honey, and ghee... these are desperate times.) I only have four days left before I can start adding in food so I am postponing my dance reboot until next week when I am not so consumed mentally and emotionally. I also caught a bit of a sniffle so I missed my AM workout today. Need to reset my alarm so that I can't hit snooze... But today I am getting a massage so that is a huge milestone mentally - massage day means I get to start adding in food again soon.

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