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Arcelas the n00b

Workout for myself and my girlfriend

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My girlfriend and I want to get in shape, be healthier, all that jazz. I've been doing nerd fitness off and on for 2 years, started NF coaching (really enjoying it) and have a gym membership. She had lap band surgery a couple years ago, lost some weight, but still has a ways to go as do I.


I am 6'5" she is 6'1". Yeah, its pretty awesome.


I'd like to help her with her fitness-the exercise part- we are already working on our nutrition side. I know men and women are different (thanks for the talk, dad), so I'm curious as to what we should look into for her strength training, and how that might differ from mine.

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Honestly, men and women aren't THAT drastically different in the grand scheme of things, at least in terms of strength training and general nutrition rules.  I mean, yes, women will take longer to build muscle (since testosterone plays a goodly size role and women just have less of it), and would be eating less calories in general, but she'd still see progress if she was doing any structured strength program and eating relatively well with a hefty chunk of protein.


So really, if she's into lifting and losing weight, the "Pick up heavy things, eat less, and have lots of protein" rules still apply.  Just remember that at some point the Strength Gains VS Weight Loss balance will come into play and she/you will have to pick one side or the other for significant progress. (I mean, recomposition is a thing, but it's a longer, slower process that requires a lot of attention to detail which you mostly need to puzzle out yourself or with a trainer.)

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