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Getting my boyfriend to workout?

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Does anyone have any advice on the best way to get my boyfriend more interested in working out? He is stressed out at work and it runs him down. I try to encourage good eating habits with some success. I know he would benefit from the confidence that would come from building himself up and getting a little more muscle on his frame. He just seems to have no interest or motivation to do it. Has anyone had any success with this with their SO? 



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All I can say is good luck. My fiance fully supports me but isn't really interested in it himself, and I've learned from him and others that if someone doesn't want it, they won't make it a priority, which means they won't do it.


I've heard some people will do a mini competition with their partner. Like the person who runs the most in the week gets a prize, or if both stick to their macros they get to eat a treat together at the end of the week. It requires both people to want to do it to begin with, though.


Unfortunately I don't have any firsthand experience that would be useful here.



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I would ask him what his priorities for it are. It took about 9 months for my husband to get interested and tbh, it's because coworkers were wanting him to workout with them at work. I had been *very gently* nudging him about it, but mostly I focused on staying a positive influence - that it was making me feel better, telling/showing him about progress, etc. I think I started the interest, but additional social pressure was the catalyst. I can say I've helped influence my mom, brother, and best friend like this as well. Ultimately it's going to be his decision whether he gets into it or not.

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Encourage him to try it out just once. Say something like, "I'd like you to come to the gym with me today. If you find you like it, then maybe we can keep going to the gym together. If you don't like it, then I won't bother you about it again. But I'd like for you to try it out just once."


As for my girlfriend, she actually mentioned to me that she was interested in going to the gym, so I brought her along to my next session and went with her ever since. Turns out, she requires an accountability partner in order to go to the gym. Since providing that accountability, she's been going to the gym roughly 3 times a week over the last 2 years.


These are two possible options that certainly could help. I think the key is figuring out what your boyfriend needs in order to get him to workout. If you figure that out, then it will also improve the quality of your relationship.

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It really really depends on your boyfriend & his personality, but what worked with getting mine interested was just leading by example. He had his own reasons for not being interested to start with, but when I kept at it & naturally was going to talk about how I enjoyed it, how I felt great etc, then he started to come round to it on his own terms. You can't make people make lifestyle changes, & fitness is something that takes a lot of work, so if someone's not motivated by themselves they're never going to stick with it.


Just do your thing & be happy & share that with him. Maybe leave some websites open about how exercise reduces stress!

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Try first doing something he loves together with him. My bf loves basketball, so I went and shoot hoops with him a couple of times, we had a blast, and he realized how good it feels when you're physically active. Then he was far less reluctant to join me in the gym. :) Just pick something you know will get him excited for the beginning. :) 

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My boyfriend hates working out. I started out before him and he admitted that he knew he should start. He's overweight and tired. He hates sweating, moving around more than necessary, being out of breath, getting DOMS, etc. A month after working out and telling him how good it makes me feel, and urging him that he really needs to work on it seemed to help. We're also at a disadvantage, because although we live together, we are on night and day shifts(he works over night, I work during the day.)

Like our meals though, I planned out my whole week with workouts, sleep schedule, me time, friend etc, I included him in it. We also want kids, so telling him that we need to be healthy for our future family was a big factor in his mindset.

Other things like knowing his family medical history(is his family over weight, have heart disease, pre-diabetic/diabetic, etc) might help too. For mine, my boyfriends mother is playing life at easy level. Can eat anything she wants, stays small, but strong as an ox. He, however, got whatever genes his biological father had. While small framed like his mom, he gains weight. I've never mentioned this to him, but we don't know what risks genetically might happen. Got lucky on his mom side, but his father we don't know. Better to be safe than dead as result of a poor lifestyle.


Again, I plan everything health wise between the two of us(and he keeps us doing it- he's my accountability on many things.) Maybe you could plan it out for him(with his permission), since he lacks the motivation to do it?

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This is the story of my life, I am relating a 1000 percent! 


I tried everything from taking it slow to being super tough on him. He responds better to the harsh military approach haha. Everyone is different, try to figure out what wors best for your man. That means also what type of workout as well...


Good luck. 


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There's some things you can do. Go for passive and aggressive method. If you have Instagram, FB, YouTube account, you can start sharing and posting  stuff about getting in shape, fitness, and losing weight. If you live with him, avoid buying junk food. Get some certificates of gym membership. Be sure to workout on gym and outdoors, in stead at home, to encourage to sweat out. Maybe, when you go out for a dinner or watch movies, walk further and longer.

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