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3 hours ago, The Real Syl Mil said:


... I am the type who adds things to my to-do list that I've already completed just so I can cross them off....


YES! I'm not the only one! Woohoo! :D 

Start Weight:  226.5   |   Goal Weight:  180   |   Current Weight:  220


Shy Takes A Second

Walk To Mordor And Back Again 2018


Note to self.. check out Darebee!! Other cool stuff to check out, Zombies! Run!

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Drink no calories: Just call me Nick Fury because Avengers assembled. We're ordering a variety pack of Le Croix for the office. So good.

Make exercise plan: I made a plan to first go for a walk today because I didn't want to do circuits every other day just yet. Then I changed the plan to be more challenging and do circuits every other day. I did not wear my exercise clothes to work today, so I commit to doing circuits as soon as I get home today. Park my car, bring my stuff in, run upstairs to change clothes, do circuits. Any other stop between will derail this plan. I will feel sooooooooo good if I complete three circuits in one week. Seriously.

Execute the plan: Yesterday, I didn't know how I was going to sneak some exercise into my day. I ended up walking to lunch with some co-workers. It was 0.75 miles there and 0.75 miles back. Then at school, I needed to park in the far parking lot because all the spots were full. So I ended up my day with 78 minutes of activity according to my tracker. Overall, a good day for not being able to exercise. Yay.

Protein breakfast: Today was scrambled eggs and spicy cauliflower. Good protein start. I don't even want to snack on this banana that's sitting on my desk. I'm too full. I know, I know. That's the idea. 

Meditate: Another 8 minutes in the books. I'm thinking @The Real Syl Mil is right though. I'm not sure the quality I'm getting out of those 8 minutes. Today, I couldn't get focused. I was shifting and adjusting and nodding off and all that other stuff you'd expect if you try to meditate first thing in the morning. Tomorrow I'll try a little waking first - drink a glass of water, move to the couch, etc. Let's see if that helps the 8 minutes.


Overall, I'm a little boring right now because I'm getting into a good grove. However, I've been in good groves with my health before and the habits don't stick. I cannot rely on will power to keep this up. But posting my plan each morning is helping. Being accountable to you all in the forums is helping too. I want to smash these goals. I want to kick ass through the 130s and really bust through my goal weight. I know strength training will be the secret to my success. Join me in my journey, won't you!?!?

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Oh boy, team! What a crazy weekend. I wish I could tell you I had a good weekend. I did not. I spent my weekend running around like a crazy person. I ate like garbage last night (Sunday night) and my spouse and I got in a huge fight yesterday. On the bright side, we took our fight for a walk, so we walked 1.5 miles while we yelled at each other. That's a good improvement on our overall health commitment, right?


I kinda drank no calories this weekend. I made a plan to drink on Saturday night for our birthdays. We had fun. I also ordered a coffee at the end of the night and put cream in it. It's sorta breaking the rules, but it was my birthday dinner AND NF says alcohol on weekends is 'aight. I'm counting it all as okay.


The exercise plan is rough for me on the weekends. How do y'all work exercise into your weekend routines? I just don't want to get up early on the days where I can sleep in!!! This week I have a plan, and I need to kick it into high gear because as y'all have told me the exercise session after the one you missed is the most important. Yes!!! I'm on it this afternoon.


Protein Breakfast: Ate scrambled eggs and toast this morning. Didn't care. Wanted toast.


Meditate: In typical druid fashion, the only thing not falling apart this weekend is my meditation practice. I have a solid streak of 21 days going in my meditation app. I added the next minute to my meditation this morning. I'm at 9 minutes each morning.


As we say in my hometown, "nobody is too busy; it's just at matter of priorities." My priorities are clearly holding myself accountable to y'all and meditating. I will conquer exercise. I will get stronger. I will surprise people with my strength.



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I will workout on the weekend if I didn't get enough days in during the week. On my weekend off, I will go to the gym late morning or early afternoon. I think you just need to pick a time that will work for you and commit to it. Great job on executing your plan, as far as the fight goes, hopefully, you got the issue resolved, kind of nowhere to go when you are walking outside unless the other person walks or runs away. :) You got in exercise and hopefully solved the problem.

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16 hours ago, Enforcer25 said:

I will workout on the weekend if I didn't get enough days in during the week. On my weekend off, I will go to the gym late morning or early afternoon.


Ahhhh. So you generally take weekends off, eh? That's good to know. I really do need to see what schedule fits my routine best because right now, I'm not feeling in the groove. It's been a rough couple of days.

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I will go to the gym on my weekends off if I didn't get my workouts in or I just feel like getting a workout in. In the summer I like to be outside more. Finding a schedule that works is great and you just want it to be flexible so it can adjust as you need it to. I've found a strict schedule works against me and if I miss a workout, I used to get upset, know I go with the attitude life happens, but I can always find 3-4 days to workout.

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I feel like my enthusiasm is waning. I missed my planned workout yesterday, but I probably should not have planned a workout on my wife's birthday. In my house, Halloween candy begets Thanksgiving feasting begets Christmastime goodies begets New Year's drinking begets birthday celebrations (for her and me) begets SuperBowl begets Valentine's Day candy. Then things can start to slow down, and get into a healthy routine. I was hoping to break this cycle this year ('17 to '18). I succeeded through Thanksgiving. I lost weight through October and November. I stalled in December and now, as of my weigh-in yesterday, I'm up three pounds from my birthday.


It makes me feel like all my hard work for my birthday was not real or wasted or just a blip on the radar. I want real, sustaining weight loss, and now I'm right back to my weight I was on December 4th. It's like I have wasted the past eight weeks.


If I were to remain positive, and if I were talking to a friend and not to myself, I would say "but these eight weeks include Christmas and your birthday and your wife's birthday. Those are crazy times where most people gain ten to fifteen pounds. You didn't gain. You maintained all that hard work you've been putting in." That's what I'd tell a friend. But this eight week rut feels really huge, and I'm not happy with myself.


This Newbie challenge ends this Sunday (February 4th), and then I'll be in the big kid forums. I'll have a week off to really think about my new goals for February. I want to keep my mind and my heart open to new opportunities. I cannot do that if I'm holding myself to scale-only victories. I'm done with my pity party now.


Drink no calories: I had an almond milk tea latte yesterday. I really want to include dairy drinks in my diet because my family has a history of osteopenia. What do y'all think?

Exercise: It needs to be fun or I won't do it. I'm going to knock out a bunch of Quests today and tomorrow to get myself back on track.

Breakfast: I have reached the point where if I don't have protein in my breakfast, I don't feel good. This weekend I had a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, and I felt hungry ALL DAY. Good sign that things are changing!

Meditation: I'm challenging myself to reach the "meditate three times in one day" quest on Nerd Fitness. I'm going to focus on number two right now, then, I plan to take a walking meditation at 3pm this afternoon.


Help me, team! Thank you for your feedback and positive energy. I'm sincerely worried about the dairy drinks...

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You had a setback, happens to all of us, there is no excuse, it happened and it's time to move on. Glad the pity party is over, some people never move past that. The scale is only one thing, how are you feeling in general? How do you look? The scale is one measure, but don't get stuck on it. You know yourself, so find exercises you like, if you don't want dairy, can you take a supplement instead? I didn't do well in my first challenge, didn't eat what I should have eaten. But I have done the other things and next month is a chance to improve on those things. Do some research on the alternatives to help with the osteopenia and see what is out there. Good luck.

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Real life. I want to quit. The typical new year's resolution process looks like:


1) Get excited for your resolutions

2) Work like crazy on them for a week or two

3) Find out hard work is difficult to sustain, but going back to the way things were is easy

4) Start to make excuses

5) Look back and realize you haven't been following your resolutions for like a week now

6) Give up


I told myself I wasn't going to fall into this trap. I wasn't going to fall into this trap because I had to hold myself accountable to the Nerd Fitness community. Now, on the bright side. I'm only in the "4) Start to make excuses" section of this cycle. So it's time for a pattern-interrupt.


Seriously. You see in my previous post that I had a garbage weekend when it comes to my choices. What you don't see in that post is that I chose to continue those garbage choices into the Monday too and then into Tuesday. Today is Wednesday.


I ended Tuesday evening at 9:45pm sitting in a Chick-fil-a parking lot eating a spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries and a chocolate shake. (I used to think their shakes were so good, but I think they are made from a mix ... really disappointed, and won't be craving a shake from them anytime soon.)


Here's the real deal: This isn't rock bottom. I am so much further into my journey than when I started. This is a setback. A four-day setback. 


Next time I have a setback, maybe I can keep it to three days or ONE MEAL even. The Nerd Fitness community is all about making changes for the long-term. Eventually, the goal is to make my setbacks only last one meal. I could get there next time. I could take a couple of meals next time. Or there may not even be a next time. That is not important. What's important is stopping the behavior now. @Enforcer25 heard my excuses yesterday. You heard me starting to go down the path of "oh, but what about osteopenia?" ... I didn't find myself obese because I drank almond milk in my tea latte once. There are so many more lifestyle changes I should focus on first.


The way forward is ... focusing on what's important. I didn't drink soda. I'm not going to drink soda. I'm kicking butt on the meditation. Now it's time to get my eating back in line with my goals. I will report back tomorrow with how my Wednesday went. I promise you, it will be vastly different than the past four days.

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8 hours ago, campbellmc22 said:

Now, on the bright side. I'm only in the "4) Start to make excuses" section of this cycle. So it's time for a pattern-interrupt.

Even just being aware of this pattern and where you fit into it gives you a huge advantage as far as interrupting it! Just like at the end of your post, you're focusing on what's important and on your successes, which is awesome. You've totally got this!

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Hello Team,


Technically this newbie forum is finished and it's time to start brainstorming for the new forums. I think I'm going to stay in the newbie forum next month too. It starts Feburary 12th - a week from today. I'm going to be ready.


I took on too much in the month of January. I am going to focus on smaller goals in February. I will continue to use this thread until Feb 12th as a place to brainstorm. What do I want this new month to look like?

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