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Hello! I am a mom with a toddler that is usually sitting on me, hanging off me, having me read books out loud, or trying to pull me down the hall... play breaks are frequent, but short...so I will try to keep up here with my small bites of 2 hand time. I'm also still figuring out how NF works and fits together.


So here are my goals for this challenge:


Eat & drink healthier:

- Eat only AIP+ when at home, outside I can have non-AIP snacks but not anything sweet.

- Come up with a batch cooking meal plan for each week with 4 meals, 2 days of cooking.



- See a trainer at the Y once a week before (probably) quitting--or other significant exercise once a week.


Ship shape mom life:

- Strictly follow toddler meal schedule, after putting it up for spouse.


Okay, Mister is giving me looks, so I am done!

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Well my first day didn’t go well, food discipline wise. I said I was desperate for something sweet, and my husband rushed out to buy something... I didn’t stop him. My plan is next time to juice something instead. And also to prioritize baking diet okay treats/bread type things.


 I was so tired and hazy today, I am really looking forward to when this exceptionally tired phase ends.

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The little ones require a lot of time, LoL, it does get better. This will take some time to find where exercising fits in with your current schedule. We all have setbacks, it's what you do after you have the setback, and you are doing it right, coming up with a plan to fix it. Easier when you have healthy things in the house to help with the sweet tooth. Start out small with the exercise and build up from there, this is a marathon, not a sprint. You will find your groove, plus there is a ton of information in the forums. 

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14 hours ago, Eulalia-r said:

Well my first day didn’t go well, food discipline wise. I said I was desperate for something sweet, and my husband rushed out to buy something... I didn’t stop him. My plan is next time to juice something instead. And also to prioritize baking diet okay treats/bread type things.

That's so nice of him! But yeah, not very helpful for the challenge. I'm currently trying to ignore the packet of my favourite chips Fiancé thoughtfully got for me the other day. Waiting for someone to have a party so I can get other people to eat them for me ;)

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Enforcer, I’m counting the days until the little one plays more independently and goes to school! At the same time I’m upset that he’s growing up. It’s a bit whiplash. Thanks  for the pep talk :) 


Lateral, our well meaning menfolk! Ah I miss parties... any coming up?


Today I beat the first craving with juice... it included both cabbage and pomegranate, among other things. Definitely not something you’d see as a recipe, but it was actually pretty good. And the kitchen is now stocked with ingredients to make AIP cookies. Really need to focus on fat bombs and fake breads, though, cause I need more calories but not more sugar. I think I will see if I can get husbeast to give me time to dig up recipes. Many things will get so much easier when we have “no cry” sleep trained the little one.


For the meal plan, I have to start by asking husband to schedule time he will look after LO, so I can use the computer,  something I have been generally asking him to do, but it’s not going to happen that way.


I’ve been going back and forth on whether to leave the Y, and I am back to the idea of staying. Get husband to join and we work out the same day, trading off who watches LO as he gets used to the childcare. Though I’m sure I will change my mind again. Anyway, gotta make the call.


For toddler schedule, I need to find something that will send me reminders via the computer. I don’t look at the phone until I go to bed, and I set up a few silent alarms on my Fitbit, but if I use too many I won’t remember what they mean.

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Definitely helps to have your partnew onboard. The Y is nice with the childcare, allows you to workout and the little one to get some social interaction. I think it's good to stick with that. I have a work phone or I'm always looking at it and use it for reminders, not sure what the computer has. My phone reminds me of birthdays and anniversaries :) Has saved me a few times. Gettin the recipes will be nice, I like cooking and trying new recipes. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks, Enforcer! Yes he's agreed we'll both try to be gung ho with the Y for a couple months, and then we'll decide. Even if we leave, we'll be starting on the right foot with other approaches, after that.


Ah well... the AIP dessert today didn't turn out well. I've had the recipe for awhile, and I always thought it sounded weird, but people had gushed about it... indeed, it was WEIRD. There was a large top layer of solid coconut oil with cacao and sugar, a sort of avocado cream layer, and then the bottom was mostly dates and shredded coconut—and I remembered that I just don’t like shredded coconut. Ah well. I know there are good ones out there. 


I found out how to set up mom life pop up reminders on my Mac... the "reminder" app! Nice and simple. Of course I went and started quite a lot of reminders, and will probably drive myself nuts. But I really do need, more or less, all of them. At least 75%, I could compress some where I already have fairly well established habit routines. But they get interrupted.


The sleep trainer is going to call us Monday, or was it Tuesday. Life is really going to be different after sleep training. Right now I'm up on my computer... ah gotta go. Anyway this was rare!


eta from phone...


Husband and I were playing Hive tonight, for the second time since I got it. He is easy to beat as he’s not a night owl, but he’s getting better. I am super excited to jump on the board game + bandwagon, about ten years after everyone else. We also have love letter and patchwork, as yet untried.


I finally got my character page up to snuff. I decided not to choose an “epic quest “ until after sleep training. I always have too many ideas, and I have learned to leave off anything that doesn’t feel fresh and urgent... or put it in a different list, anyway. But that’s the part that excites me the most about NF. Those goals that are personal and ambitious and so important, sometimes for quirky reasons... but they keep falling off the priority list... and even  when they don’t, it’s so easy to get negative about them. Being a little goofy and treating them like an RPG is such a great antidote to toxic degrees of realism. Now if I can keep all my different lists straight. 


... as I was saying, though, I’m not even sure what would feel most fresh to work on at this point. 


... eventually I’m going to have to work on my tendency to think in too many directions at once, that’s a social/intellectual derusting quest.

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Busy, Busy, Busy, you have a lot going on, but seems like you are getting it sorted, don't worry about how many reminders you need, after all, they are all for you and you will get rid of the ones you don't need and if you don't, that is fine too. What is a sleep trainer? I worked nights for years and am finally on days, I've been fortunate to be able to adjust my schedule as needed. I do find that now I'm a little older, I need more sleep. I haven't played games for a while now, when I did I played mainly COD, shooter games, etc. My kids are into online gaming big time, sometimes a little too much.:) You seem to be doing well and with your husband helping, that is awesome. Remember this is your game so you play it as you see fit and what works for you. 

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I'm going to do an about face, and change to doing daily squats... maybe just that. I have a couple 100 squats apps, so I will use one of those.


If I also do the wrap carry challenge, one new carry per day, that will be great. 


I've realized that my husband and I have been really, really tired and a bit wacky, because night sleep with the toddler has been radically worse in the last couple weeks. I thought my tiredness was caused by eating badly, but it's the other way around. And the amount of proper cooking it would take to replace the snacking is too ambitious for us right now. (Today I was eating from 4:30 to 7:00, more or less... and that's not excess food.) And then it's convenient that we're now working with a sleep trainer to start night weaning, but actually now that's the big challenge that I'm working on. I do wish I was eating better, but it's just not going to happen right now, at least not enough for a challenge.


All right, so, squats! I can do them in my sleep. And I may have to.

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