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Bouncer Mastering her Power of Light


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(So rebels is made for nonFitness related life changes... Took me awhile to figure this one out. I'm still an adventurer, but exercises is on the low size until I figure out other parts of my life).

Calling out for Teammates!



Mega Foul School Stuff...


Just starting the 3rd week, and I'm wondering what the hell I'm doing... The golden entrance was way more shiny until I figured out there's a whole storylien I need to follow.

This semester I have some pretty large team projects that I'm working on. And parts of my brain are freaking out, while my heart says "heck yeah let's do this".


So much power I actually don't know how I'm holding it sometimes, next to still learning how to use my sword to destroy each monster. Or the power for every puzzle.

Great part about this semester is though... I actually know I have this awesome sword of light! What I have a problem with is my inner demons (or my dark self, the one person that can always put me down). Along with quite a bit of a support system and use of tools better than a year ago. (Literally every one in my life is helping praise all the good I'm getting through and attaining, and I more than deserve to be part of the projects and many more projects to get through).


I'm in a haze right now. It's something I know I can work though. I've been in worst situations, and I'm catching myself.



 I'm here because I've been barely able to get through this.... And feel like I need the rebellion for assitance.





So main point of view for today till end of April. Conquer the projects and school work! And on top of it, some stuff I need to do for my new job.

Main Questline: (assistance on giving a story line would be great or just better names).

My big why for this semester? Getting past my fears, when it comes to large ass projects. Along with writing stuff out for others to read.

First off I need help on figuring out how to make my school work  more quest able!

I have it down for every hour of work I can a $1 in my reward jar (for anything freely to spend on).

I have 2 classes, and 1 Independent Study (more of a large all semester project then being in a class).

All 3 have projects. But a lot of these have grunt work I have fallen behind in. And I pretty much also need to similar stuff for work (so much reading, when I nosedived into the busiest week of my life two weeks ago, and still recovering- thanking god for my health).


So I guess my first task to do in main quest. Is figure out my situation. I have stuff due this week, I have stuff unread for a meetup this week. And I'm in almost freezing mode...

(I have a bad habit of doing "all or nothing" mentality, I'm also trying to break from).



Side Quests:

-Foundation of Light: I wander on Darebee when I realized to get back in strength training I would like somewhat of a storyline.... They have a story program on their site, but looking at the exercises (to hopefully jump in strength training made me feel ill). I then found their "foundation light" program. My answer on starting body strength training, and not worrying about not being able to do the exercises (or find out how painfully weak my upper body is). I did day one, and felt the burn on my upper body and so many other tight muscles. So this is more than my "level". Goal, do this every day.



-Daily Prayer: I have started to get into a habit to do a daily journal every evening- I list what I'm thankful for and do a daily tarot reading for myself. During my new hectic schedule, I foudn some benefit on this helping me actually get to sleep faster. Along with strengthening that need of spiritual connection.  Again daily quest.


-Keeping my Light strong: Being mindful and using my learned skills on being mindful. Not allowing thoughts or emotions taking over my life, but be a apart of it. Knowing every part of me should be loved, and accepted just is. Every day I will share what I have done well, and what I'm noticing wrong.

-Support System: Goal here is to post daily on here (or update for everyday) and post in other places of the forum. Only way to keep my support system strong on here, and to gain back a connection with the wonderful people here.

-Urge Surfing: I've been on a goal of not bringing sugar to work or to class. One thing if done with homework, but I'm also having urge surfing on my lovely spending coping mechanism. I've been working on these since Christmas. (Lack of money, and getting priories straight to hopefully have a foundation in budget wise. While also helps to shrink my belly). Food wise, I plan to have something special later on, in more "quality" like buying. And able to enjoy.



Too many goals here. As I notice my burnout. But this covers the parts of my life I need extra "tracking" to get done.

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1 hour ago, zeroh13 said:

Hey Bouncer! Welcome to the Rebels! 


It may help to prioritize your goals. In case you don't have the time or energy to work on all of them. Then you can drop the least important goal(s) and focus on the important ones (instead of going all or nothing).


Hey thanks Zeroh! I finally had an "ahah" moment on my prioritizing hasn't been doing well. I've been putting a lot of brain power into reading that isn't fully necessary. While barely reading for my group project...

And on Wednesday I finally started to get things done when I wrote out what needed to get done, and what was stopping me. Then the action plan. Along with talking to my professors, the biggest thing I'm still learning is also cutting down the perfectionism to "just do it" (which is super painful at the moment).


What I've been battling my painful anxiety with is doing more "just moving my body", from playing a Just Dance demo, to walking, chores around the house, and other stuff I can come up with for breaks. Especially found out Just Dance has been good on transitioning to my new next thing... So I think the last couple of weeks part of my issue wasn't moving enough also...

While also the Epic Win app, has been good on "on the go" to do list (with a fast enough reward system). All I need to start doing now is figuring an "on the go" of tracking how much study time I'm getting done.


Feeling some relief and not as scared stiff. Bright side I'm figuring this out again also!



So because of all the above and actually pushing more energy to "just do it" is why I haven't posted in the last couple of days. Something I'm learning I need to start just allowing.

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2 hours ago, BouncerChic said:

All I need to start doing now is figuring an "on the go" of tracking how much study time I'm getting done.

There's a few apps out there that are designed for tracking time. Some are specifically for studying, and are supposed to show things like how much time you spend on each subject or project. 

Current Challenge: Zeroh, stick to the routine!

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